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@ForumAdmin How do you do a new topic? I tried doing it…but it wouldn’t work for me. :frowning:


@ForumAdmin is there like a BBcode or anything to use if I want to change the size and color of words in my posts ? I wanna make it awesome and product placemetn is very important if you want your idea sky rocketing.

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I can’t seem to find this exact answer in any other OVERLAY related topic… How does somebody put SAME overlay multiple times in the story? for example if i have a dinner scene and i place multiple spoons and plates. how do i make so and specify the overlay position for each of them? (i know how to put multiple overlays in one scene but not if they are all the same exact overlay :frowning: )


ok I have questions I want answered

1 I do not have access to a computer my story is on my mobile phone how do I publish

2 I have heard of a writers portal if I need that to publish my story how do I transfer my story there

3 how do you use the writers portal for movie I can only find tutorials for computer

4 if there is a tutuorial for mobile please please break it down for me so I can understand

5 when ever I try to put my story on writers portal it tells me to do a new story but I have a story ready to go

6 I DO NOT need to edit my story I edit my story I continuously edit and re read it so it makes sense I’ve had family read it and it makes sense to them

7 because I am on my mobile phone how do I delete characters or change their names?

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Ok i may be wrong but as far as i understand it is like that:

  1. When you are making your story, you will see a sign at the top right corner. If you tap it, it will let you share/publish your story. I screenshot my phone to show you in picture if you still don’t know where it is:
Click here for the pic

  1. Writer’s portal is on comeputer Here Every story you make there is automaticlly transfered to your ‘Create’ part on mobile app too. But i am not sure if it also transfers mobile made stories to computer writer portal :thinking:
  2. As far as i know, Writer portal is only online site where you can work on comeputer. I mean you can open it with google on phone too and use it on phone, but there is no app-mobile version for it (so even if you open it with internet on phone, you will have harder time, since it is more clear on comeputer as it is made for that.
    (i assume you meant mobile, not movie. if you meant movie, i am not sure what the question is)
  3. When you open your app and find the ‘Create’ part, you will see in the top line some stories, already made by Episode. Those are all tutorials and they are even made into a story so you can see it (that way it is easier to understand).
  4. I am not sure what happens to you :thinking: I use writer’s portal (on comeputer) and it works perfectly fine. But it won’t let you publish your story if it doesn’t have finnished first 3 chapters (so maybe you didn’t finnish 3 chapter yet?)
  5. Well i do the same, i even use both Writer’s portal (on comp) and mobile preview to make sure it is edited ok. I am not sure what you wanter to say with this question? I think we all edit stories the way we want and everyone decides for themselves if their story needs more editting or no. But if your story containd something inapropriate or against Episode rules, they might not let you publish it until you edit this part.
  6. If your character didn’t speak yet, you just tap it and you will see a pencil in the top right corner of the character. Tap it it will show you some more signs, the one beneath the pencil will be trashcan. Tap that and it will ask you if you want to delete character just in this scene, or all others.
    If your character already talks, you also Tap it and it will show a pencil. Also tap the pencil and the sign beneath the pencil will be a sign of a person and arrow. Tap that and it will again ask you if you want to delete character just now, or in other scenes too. I made a screenshot for more clear instructions again:
Click here for the pic

As for changing names, i think it is not possible to change the name of the character in the middle fof the story (unless you use writer’s portal). But you can make another character and give it a different name :slight_smile: Maybe you can make it look exactly the same as the first one, so that it looks like you changed a name on the same character?

Overall it is soo much easier to make stories on comeputer. App doesn’t let you do much, while Writer’s portal offer you ALL possible things to make your story more amazing, so if you do want to make a story, i really recommend using the comeputer, this is what Writer’s portal is made for


ok thank you sooooooo much I will definitely try that also I have more than 3 chapters I have 9 at the moment also I can’t see the picture.

I started my first story with the suggested settings, but I don’t like the Limelight format. Is there a way that I can keep my chapter and change the format?

not that i knew about it. but some things are similar to both ink and limelight (especially directing commands) so maybe you can just open new story (ink) and copy-paste your limelight chapter in it. then preview and you will see where the errors are (also you will have to make characters and outfits again). you will still have corrections to do but it will save you a lot of time, rather than just rewritting everything

I need help on getting more gems on episode. How do I do that?

1st option is of course to pay/buy them. That way you get many of them.
But i assume you want free ways? Well as far as i know there are 2 options.
One is daily goal. Everyday you will see an icon of some rainbow paper on your homepage. After you read 4 chapters (but you must read them to the end. if the chapter is not finnished (isn’t followed by next chapter) it won’t count) you click that rainbow paper and collect your prize :slight_smile: first day it is a bonus pass. but if you collect the reward every day, the prize is getting better (after few days you get gems) but if you don’t continue the strike everyday it will start from 1 pass again (also when you reach maximum prize it starts from 1 pass again).
The other way is to read episode that are marked with gem. There are few Episodes that gives you gem when finnishing a chapter so playing them will give you some extra gems that you can use on the story you want :smiley:

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Hey can anyone answer this question. on a lot of stories i see in the app they have a inner title page with the name of the story at the beginning of each chapter. How do i make one and insert it into my story?


Do you mean on the loading page or at the start of the actual story/episode? If it’s in the actual story, it is called a Splash and you can make one for yourself or ask someone on here to do it for you. You then upload it as a background and insert it where you want to in your story. Hope this helps :smile: if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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:smile: Thank you so much for the help! I’ve made a splash and it is now being reviewed!!

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No problem! I hope is gets approved :smile:

Hello! Thank you episode for this opportunity for us to share our stories, but i’m having trouble in writing my story, the thing is, when i add a new character, the page that i get redirected to so i can customize the character doesn’t load! i tried everything, it says the page has loaded but nothing pops up, i tried refreshing, turning off my laptop, exiting, logging out, it doesn’t work! please help!
thank you.

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I have a weird problem. In my story that im making. I let the readers customize themselves and it keeps saying thats there is no Arched Natural for eyebrows. Even though there is.

how do you change the name of one of your characters while in the middle of making a story. I tried researching this but i didn’t really understand it. Either change the name or Delete the Character im just too confused

Have you got the answer yet?

Hi! I’m new here, both on Episode and on this Forum, and I have a question regarding the link between the forum and Episode itself. So:

  • My profile on the app and on the Writer’s Portal is both called Emilia and seems to have no username. When I came to this forum, it asked me to create a new profile, which I did. However, now it feels like my forum-profile and my Episode-profile are not the same. Is that correct? Does that mean that this account (Freckles) is for posting on the forum only? And that my other account (with which I use Episode itself) has no username, only a display name?

Thanks for helping me out here! :slight_smile: