About our New Forums!


Welcome to our new forums Episodians!

Thank you so much for bearing with us during our remodel and maintenance! In addition to improving our forum’s technology, we’ve updated the layout so your favorite subs might have moved.

With that, we took the opportunity to update our Forum Community Rules, as well as the rules for several sub-sections! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

We’ve added new sections including a “Welcome, Start Here!” that has helpful tutorials to get you started, and “Site Feedback” where you can leave feedback on how to make the forums better or request features you’d like the forums to have.

If you’re looking for “Find a Writing Partner” or “Share your Work” (now “Share Feedback”) they have been moved into the “Writer’s Community” section. We also have a poll for choosing the name for this Category, please vote on the name you like best!

If you’re looking for “Story Games & Role Playing” or “General Chat”, they have been moved into “Community”. We’ve also added additional sub-forums called “Promote Your Story” and “Forum Games”!

For “Report a Bug” and “Feature + Art Suggestions”, we’ve broken them down a bit more to help more accurately report a bug or request a feature!

Lastly, we don’t recommend making new posts on the old site. They will not be updated and won’t be kept after the end of March 2018. You can login with your old account or just view what the old forums used to look like! Please note that most of the topics from the previous forums will be archived - if you were having a conversation on our old forums, it may be still be there!


The Episode Team

Let's Wait a Bit/Let's talk about our future on here


@Trinady how can we access the old forum? :thinking:


The links there now!


Thank you!


Will the old forums always be there to view? Or will they vanish sometime?


Hey @EpisodeGirl. The old forums will not always be available, so best to back up anything you want before it get’s taken down.


When will saved threads from the old forums be transferred over here?

EDIT: Can I pretty please get an answer?! I’ve asked twice on the old forums, I’ve asked on episodecreators instagram, and now here, but STILL no answer…

I just want to know when my threads will be transferred or IF they will get transferred at all. That way I know whether or not I should recreate all those threads and guides.


I was just about to ask that. :roll_eyes: We’re missing your threads here.


Oh okay. Thanks.


Wow I love it already! I wasn’t active on the old forum but I definitely will be on this one! Love the style!


Why aren’t there any challenges for so long?


I’m sorry, could you expand on what you’re asking? Are you asking about Creators Contests? Or badges?


There was a challenge at the bottom left of the screen on episode.
The one that u need to read 4 chapters to get 1 pass


Oh, Reader Challenges! Those are still active, but unavailable for some players (I don’t have them either :sweat_smile: ). Keep an eye out for an update on them! :slight_smile:


The format of the forums is so random now and it is making me so confused, I wish that they didn’t change it to begin with. What is really confuses me is why do the replies have to appear like posts, I suggest that they have to change that. Like at least make the replies follow the original post, not be a separate post itself.


I agree, the posts and responses should look like on the old forum.


Also I have a suggestion, can you guys have pages instead of a long page?


Wanted to supply ya’ll with an answer to the changing of the forum platform. We are actually using a completely different system then we had with vBulletin. We will look into your concerns regarding lengthy pages and where replies are posted but can’t guarantee any changes. We will update everyone on the forums with any significant or awesome changes that we might make, so no worries. Thanks for being patient with us :smiley: