About Prizes (Artist/Editor/Etc)

hey guys :pleading_face: so I thought this December i want to do something maybe giveaway, contest or both i’m not decided yet. but as you all know there will be a prizes right? so i’m looking for artist, especially artist. free artist not commission artist cause i’m still young bruh. but if the commission is not related to money (cause I have seen some artist do this) then we can discuss about it (like i read your story, all episodes). anything else that you willing to give as a prizes, i appreciate it. please note that this is NOT COLLABORATION. like i said if you willing it, dm me on instagram (@the.silversss) we can discuss about it :blob_hearts:

and of course the rules have to following you too lol


@Sydney_H can you close this thread? i’m already done with what I needed thankyou :relaxed:

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