About revamping a story: making readers to reread the story

Hi everyone! I’m currently revamping one of my stories and well, I have a problem.

My story had 6 published chapters, but they were pretty short and I didn’t like how some things turned out. So among other things, I decided to do something: in order to make the chapters longer and make the story move faster I put chapters 1 and 2 in “chapter 1”, chapters 3 and 4 in “chapter 2”, and chapters 5 and 6 in “chapter 3”.

That means that the new chapters will start in chapter 4, instead of in chapter 7, so readers would obviously have to reread the story in order for it to make sense. The thing is: how do I do that? I’m pretty lost here so any help would be appreciated:,)


Hey Iricholas,

The real fans will reread your story, no matter how many times you should revamp it. :wink: But I understand your question. Don’t stress out, about revamping and updating, hun. Tell your readers by forum, Facebook or Instagram that you are going to revamp your story. You also can question them by a poll how they like you to revamp the story. For the rest I wish you good luck with revamping. If you need anything else PM me on this forum or DM me by Instagram.


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Hey! Thank you for answering me☺️. I get that the people that are really invested with the story will reread it without problems, but my question was more about the coding process. I guess that I have to write some kind of message in the last published chapter, so old readers would know that they have to reread the story. Also, I don’t know if new readers will have to reread some chapters (because of the updates, I’ve seen that sometimes you end up reading the same chapter twice), I don’t know if I’m explaining myself 🥲

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I think you gave already a good solution. :wink: I revamped my first stories several times (and for my liking it’s still not perfect :woman_facepalming:t2: ) And the best thing you can do, is, indeed, fit a message in the last published chapter (at the beginning). (My goodness, that sentence is :woman_facepalming:t2: :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: ) Write the message at the beginning of the last published chapter → then the readers will understand why they need to read those chapters again. :wink:

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Great! Thank you so much​:relaxed::relaxed:

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