About stories that should be good


It happened sometimes to read a story with pretty bad plotting but to still read it because it’s very interesting? THAT’S LIKE THE BIGGEST CRIME, to read a great story with such a bad directing!


No no you wanna what’s the worst ?
Stories with Great directing, like, from the future but the dialogues are trash.


I didn’t read a story like that yet, but yeah it’s bad too.


I did. I was so disappointed but at the same that the branches and choice and backgrounds are booomb. Arg. Frustating.


Like, if you can do great directing / amazing dialogues you can do vice versa, for the sake of your story.


I feel you, I read a mystery story, I was really into the plot and the suspense but the dialogues were like :
Hey girl.
Hope you’re not dying tonight.
Lol don’t worry.

Why ?!


Hahahah or
Girl : what’s up?
Boy : Hey pretty stuff (-.-) don’t go anywhere.
Girl : Don’t worry I’m strong.


I swear…


And stories with mafia boss,bad boys or good girl gone bad -.- some type of stoies I stay away from.


omg ikr? theres this story i tried reading where the directing is amazing but i literally cannot understand what the authors trying to say lol


That’s true. Well some story about mafia are pretty good, but not that basic story when she’s kidnapped because she saw a crime and now she’s living with the mafia leader then boom, fall in love.


Stories lol srry.


I read a story everything was so good until a fairy King started to talk like :

Fairwell, my dear man. He’s aint the boss of ya, we’re gonna show this mf (no kidding) how to grow a pair.

LMAO imagine Prince Charles.


I guess those who aren’t good at dialogues should team up with someone good at directing, this would save us =)))




I know a really good story u should read:- PROVOCATIVE.


Is that sarcastic because it is actually a good story and the writer specifically said thats not her first language…


Story is amazing.There isn’t any provocative scenes,expect first one,were he just kissed her out of nowhere but I guess It’s fine.Story line is very good.
But If you want really cool,FUNNY story read Love is a Drug,I laught at every second of this story and directing is amazing,dialogue is amazing,characters personalities are amazing,funny AF!