About stories that should be good

It happened sometimes to read a story with pretty bad plotting but to still read it because it’s very interesting? THAT’S LIKE THE BIGGEST CRIME, to read a great story with such a bad directing!


No no you wanna what’s the worst ?
Stories with Great directing, like, from the future but the dialogues are trash.


I didn’t read a story like that yet, but yeah it’s bad too.

I did. I was so disappointed but at the same that the branches and choice and backgrounds are booomb. Arg. Frustating.

Like, if you can do great directing / amazing dialogues you can do vice versa, for the sake of your story.

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I feel you, I read a mystery story, I was really into the plot and the suspense but the dialogues were like :
Hey girl.
Hope you’re not dying tonight.
Lol don’t worry.

Why ?!

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Hahahah or
Girl : what’s up?
Boy : Hey pretty stuff (-.-) don’t go anywhere.
Girl : Don’t worry I’m strong.


I swear…

And stories with mafia boss,bad boys or good girl gone bad -.- some type of stoies I stay away from.

omg ikr? theres this story i tried reading where the directing is amazing but i literally cannot understand what the authors trying to say lol

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That’s true. Well some story about mafia are pretty good, but not that basic story when she’s kidnapped because she saw a crime and now she’s living with the mafia leader then boom, fall in love.

Stories lol srry.

I read a story everything was so good until a fairy King started to talk like :

Fairwell, my dear man. He’s aint the boss of ya, we’re gonna show this mf (no kidding) how to grow a pair.

LMAO imagine Prince Charles.

I guess those who aren’t good at dialogues should team up with someone good at directing, this would save us =)))


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I know a really good story u should read:- PROVOCATIVE.

Is that sarcastic because it is actually a good story and the writer specifically said thats not her first language…

Story is amazing.There isn’t any provocative scenes,expect first one,were he just kissed her out of nowhere but I guess It’s fine.Story line is very good.
But If you want really cool,FUNNY story read Love is a Drug,I laught at every second of this story and directing is amazing,dialogue is amazing,characters personalities are amazing,funny AF!

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