About the story on episode interactive app: MC: A dead wish

About the story on episode interactive app that you should download on the Google play store app: MC: A dead wish.

My story is about a girl who goes on a journey to save a prince from a sickness that only she has the cure for, she goes with two creatures that are human but a different type of human as well. They encounter dangers along the way and nearly die of unknown diseases…depending on your choices. Your choice will have a heavy effect and while there is no customization, you will have the choice to pick what you want to wear (what pants you want to go with what shirt in the future episodes)

Story by: Treasure, plankdoodles on insta, and God.

Janoce is a girl from Houston, Texas. Her life is a dream from when she was 8-years-old, she was poor from birth but when she grew up she got rich. But, when she meets a guy she never met, her mind goes into a frenzy, she tries to meet him, but he leaves too soon…

Link to story on the episode interactive app on Google play (you have to download it from there, Amazon has the old crappy version I’m sorry Amazon but it is the crappy part of the episode interactive app.):