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I’ve seen a lot of posts about Writing Partners, to have a writing partner there are certain things you need to know than just “hire” someone.


To have a writing partner you have to state what you offer to the table rather than “I NEED A WRITING PARTNER HELP!!!” I don’t know if I should help because what are you offering?

For Example

Hi there I am @AMagic, I was wondering if anyone is available to be my writing partner. I can code, write, and come up with story ideas and descriptions.


To have a writing partner they have to offer something as well and it’s up to you to say what you need. For example…

I want…

- Coding

- Story Plot Maker

- Outfit Designer


Writing Partners also need to have some things in common and get along well. You can’t just have a writing partner and disagree on everything. Which is why you have to get to know them first.


Oh My Gosh GUYS, this is so IMPORTANT!!! You and your partner need to have the same time zone or one very close to yours. If you guys don’t have a similar time zone, everything is screwed! Believe me, that happened to my last group.


Thank you for reading all of this if you did, I’m glad I could help!! Bye!!! :kiss:


This helped a lot! Especially that time zone part. Me and another Episode writer had a major fall out because of that :dizzy_face:


It’s funny because in my case, having a very different time zone actually helped a lot. We had a few hours each day where we were both awake, but then we were able to work on the story at different times without having any conflict over who could use the portal.




I cant agree with the time zone - that it is so IMPORTANT to have same time zone. :smiley:
Actually having very different time zone can be very helpfull especialy if you share the acount.

I have writing partner she is 8 hours shifted - and it is the best thing - because we share account and two people can’t write in the same episode in the same time. My partner is mainly editing the english and she does it in time I am sleeping so there is no danger I would exidently erase her work by entering the same chapter.

So it really depends on the type of coworking people have. :slight_smile:

Chatting wise, it’s hard to communicate when one is asleep when you’re awake. Personally, the same time zone is way easier knowing I can ask them a question and expect a answer quickly if they’re not busy.

I don’t say it is better I just say that it is not a MUST and there might be writing partners who do really well with different time zones.

Your recomandation sounds like it can’t work but I know it can from personal experience.

I have a seven hour time difference with my writing partner and it worked well for us. There was enough “overlap” time when we were both awake that we could plan things and make sure we were on the same page.

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You got it @AMagic :v: