About your fav type of stories

What is your fav type of story or novel to read!?


Hey, @Shav!
I really like reading fantasy/romantic stories! But of course, I cannot say no to drama :wink:

Drama, romance (slow-burn and preferably more than one love interest, please), sci-fi and adventure. All of these combined? Perfection.

But really, I can get behind anything with three-dimensional characters, good grammar, realistic dialogue, proper pacing and decent directing… which these days is nearly impossible to find.

Drama, romance, fantasy and lgbtq!!

I like stories that get better on repeat viewings or readings. Something where you notice something different every time you experience it. Or stories where after experiencing it the first time, going through it again puts many events in a completely different context. As an example, The Sixth Sense has that ending, then when you watch the movie a second time everything you thought you understood was totally off.

Well, I’m going to have a tough time answering this. I like many different genres, but I particularly like dramas and I’m partial to romance.

Slow burn, forbidden love, friends to lovers, mafia it’s all so good but mystery and horror are one of my favorites as well

I am very addicted to treasure hunt stories from childhood.:kissing_heart:
Like how characters solve puzzles and finds the treasure :star_struck:

After that I like time traveling stories and mystery stories

In episode app there are less treasure Hunt and time traveling stories. But I completed some stories which are based on these and are amazing! :+1:

You can find those stories on my profile story recommendation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My profile: Episode Writer Portal

Thank you :blush:

I love reading mystery stories with multiple characters and a lot of storylines. I like when there are a lot of things happening and cliffhangers around every episode. The drama is also preffered with a dose of love :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts: