About yourself!


Where are you from? United States

Where do you live? Florida!!

What languages do you speak? English, mandarin, cantonese, some (basic - intermediate) spanish, music :kissing_heart:

Favorite hobbies? Music, gaming, movies

Any sport? Volleyball :volleyball:


You look pretty!


Where are you from? canada
Where do you live? in a house

  • Where are you from? The Bahamas
  • Where do you live? Nassau Bahamas
  • What languages do you speak? English and Bahamian Creole (which is our version of English)
A picture of me. (It has a filter but dont have many pictures on my computer this is the most recent)

  • Favorite hobbies? Writing on episode, drawing, spilling tea, sipping tea
  • Any sport? I’m lazy but i like to watch hockey on occasion
  • Pets? A potcake pup
  • In a relationship? I have a few romantic interests
  • Age? 17 turning 18 next month woop woop!

  • Where are you from? New Zealand
  • Where do you live? New Zealand
  • What languages do you speak? English, some Te Reo Maori. (learning Spanish, and French, can’t say I’m good though :joy:)
  • Favorite hobbies? Writing music, Playing Piano, Playing Guitar, Singing, Reading, Horse Riding
  • Any sport? I play netball and do horse riding, I don’t do horse riding competitively though.
  • Pets? 2X horses, 2X dogs, 1X Cockatiel, 2X Gold Fish, 3X Cats. I think that’s it.
  • In a relationship? Nope! Single as a Pringle!
  • Age? Rather not say
  • Add more if wanted Hi!!! How’s your day going?


Where are you from? Sweden!
Where do you live? Sweden
What languages do you speak? Swedish, English, some Spanish and gonna start learning Japanese next month :thinking:
Pic of yourself ? Ain’t time yet
Favorite hobbies? Drawing, learning languages, writing and idk drink maybe
Any sport? Noooo I’m way too lazy
Pets? I wish
In a relationship? Nope
Age? 18!
And something more… idk pm me?? Would like to make some friends

  • Where are you from?
    England :uk:

  • Where do you live?

  • What languages do you speak?
    Japanese, English, French, Mandarin, Spanish (and Latin?).

  • Pic of yourself?
    Hope a Zepeto pic will do, because I ain’t torturing you all with my ugly face :joy:

  • Favourite hobbies?
    Rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, skiing, Episode, oh, and watching the Greatest Dancer lol

  • Any sport?
    Yup, sports mentioned above.

  • In a relationship?
    With ice cream, yes. With a real human? Nope.

  • Age?

  • Add more if wanted.
    I have something to tell you… about all this. I’m… I’m not actually a human. I’m a devil. I’m satan’s junior assistant.

  • Where are you from? Texas, ya’ll
  • Where do you live? Still Texas lol
  • What languages do you speak? No. Occasionally English.
  • Pic of yourself ?
Pic of gross

  • Favorite hobbies? Drawing, writing, singing, baking, dancing, swimming, being ignorant
  • Any sport? HAHAHA.
  • Pets? Not at the moment. But I do have a baby boy, who is a lot like having a pet, except a lot harder.
  • In a relationship? Six years coming up strong :muscle: in may
  • Age? 22 years young
  • Add more if wanted
I'm an aspiring artist, check it


Your artwork is so great!


Thank you, hun! :heart:


Love the art. :heart::heart_eyes:


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Amazing artwork!!!


Thank you so much! :heart:



  • Where are you from? Belgium :belgium: (the only one here so far it seems)
  • Where do you live? My exact location I would like to keep private.
  • What languages do you speak? Dutch, English, Brazilian Portuguese (yes, even more fluent than English these days… long story) and a little Spanish and French.
  • Pic of yourself ? Nice try.
  • Favorite hobbies? Listening music, reading Episode (orly), trying new recipes for my beloved soup (I adore it)
  • Any sport? No
  • Pets? Unfortunately not, but I hope getting a cat in the future. I adore them.
  • In a relationship? Yes
  • Age? 25 (I feel old here)
  • Add more if wanted
    I adore dry and ironic humor and being ironic myself. When I’m very comfortable with anybody I can even act weird and say random and absurd things and sometimes I keep wondering if it’s because I’m joking or because I’m really like that.


Oooh I love talking about myself I’m shameless


England! Tucked away in the north corner.

English & German.

Writing, reading, Netflix & eating.

Hahahahah. There were no sports at my school, and the two teams that were there were head hunted by the teachers cause they were athletic.

2 cats. One grumpy old man and an annoying hyperactive younger. Romeo and Twinkle, I’ll leave you to guess who is who.

Nope. I’m too shy to ask the guy I like :woman_facepalming:

18, but mentally I’m 80.

  • Where are you from? Latvia, Eastern Europe
  • Where do you live? Same
  • What languages do you speak? Russian/English/Latvian
  • Pic of yourself ?
Leaving for 24 hours


  • Favorite hobbies? Writing, drawing, reading, traveling
  • Any sport? Yoga, bike, swimming
  • Pets? a dog and a cat

  • In a relationship? Nope.
  • Age? 27
  • Add more if wanted

I love tattoos, made first 3 years ago, and now having a serious addiction, so I have 7 at the moment.


I was drawing for quite some time, before I got on Episode.



Then I tried to do it digitally.



I love baking from time to time, especially decorating part.


Welp, that’s gotta be it.


Oooo la la! I have three tattoos, planning more.
Those are gorgeous


Thanks Queen. Show urs smtm ^^


Hello. I’m VIwrites1. I’m 20-29, weird and my name doesn’t start with V or I