About yourself!


Wakandian and English
No check the film
black panther
running with the black panther suit
running in the center with spider man
check the film
No thanks


Du er såååå køn :heart_eyes:


I’m originally from Cameroon, i live in Texas, i have 10 sibs, i’m a 15yr old junior in high school, and I play DA soccer which is highest level of youth soccer in the U.S., I am single and a loner

  • Where are you from? UK
  • Where do you live? England
  • What languages do you speak? English
  • Pic of yourself ? Lol nah…
  • Favorite hobbies? Playing guitar,coding,Making music,drawing and photography
  • Any sport? Climbing
  • Pets? 2 Dogs
  • In a relationship? Yeah im married to @episode.novax :joy:
  • Age? 14


this had me rollin’ lmao, cheers!


it ain’t ok to have that much talent yo


pickledaddy at your service

  • where are you from? germany
  • Where do you live? sweden
  • what languages do you speak? english, swedish, german, spanish, italian, latin, japanese (wish i knew french cuz got roots and relatives in belgium, wallonia)
  • favorite hobbies? eating food - especially plátano and pickles - and drinking lots of coffee is my jam alongside dancing like a graceful grandpa. playing computer- and video games and headbanging to oldschool hip-hop is dope too
  • any sport? leaves thread
  • pets? 4 damn fluffy cats
  • In a relationship? ain’t nobody got time for that
  • age? 18… this fella is gettin’ old