About yourself!


Du er såååå køn :heart_eyes:

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I’m originally from Cameroon, i live in Texas, i have 10 sibs, i’m a 15yr old junior in high school, and I play DA soccer which is highest level of youth soccer in the U.S., I am single and a loner


  • Where are you from? UK
  • Where do you live? England
  • What languages do you speak? English
  • Pic of yourself ? Lol nah…
  • Favorite hobbies? Playing guitar,coding,Making music,drawing and photography
  • Any sport? Climbing
  • Pets? 2 Dogs
  • In a relationship? Yeah im married to @episode.novax :joy:
  • Age? 14
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this had me rollin’ lmao, cheers!



it ain’t ok to have that much talent yo

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pickledaddy at your service

  • where are you from? germany
  • Where do you live? sweden
  • what languages do you speak? english, swedish, german, spanish, italian, latin, japanese (wish i knew french cuz got roots and relatives in belgium, wallonia)
  • favorite hobbies? eating food - especially plátano and pickles - and drinking lots of coffee is my jam alongside dancing like a graceful grandpa. playing computer- and video games and headbanging to oldschool hip-hop is dope too
  • any sport? leaves thread
  • pets? 4 damn fluffy cats
  • In a relationship? ain’t nobody got time for that
  • age? 18… this fella is gettin’ old




Oh hush, you flatter me too much haha
And I’m glad I could make you laugh :wink:



My answers:

  • Where are you from? Europe
  • What languages do you speak? English and I’m working on my German + French
  • Favourite hobbies? Netball, athletics, writing and stargazing!
  • Sport? Netball, athletics (track) and cross country running.
  • Pets? Three cats, two guinea pigs and a couple fish.
  • In a relationship? No.


just tryin’ to spread the message that your sense of humor is gr8 (;

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holy cow

5 likes? i may be crazy n’ everythin’… but i can’t be that interesting :joy:

ya’ll give me too much love



Your art is great! :revolving_hearts:

I live close to Texas too, Arkansas


  • Where are you from? North America
  • Where do you live? Still the same place
  • What languages do you speak? English/Amerianish,some: Portuguese,Spanish and Italian If u didn’t get the joke, I am disappointed in YOU
  • Pic of yourself ? I value people’s eyes, thank you!
  • Favorite hobbies? Cooking,eating,sleeping,occasionally writing,I kinda like cross country but my first season was with guys in 1oth and 11th grade which was “fun” I know I am pretty boring :disappointed:
  • Any sport? Cross country and track if u consider it but I don’t really do dose anymore!
  • Pets? I have 1 dog
  • In a relationship? Does food count?
  • Age? 14

  • Where are you from?
  • Where do you live?
  • What languages do you speak?
  • Pic of yourself ?

Hah. You thought—

  • Favorite hobbies?
    Idk. I’m a boring person
  • Any sport?
    Softball, tennis
  • Pets?
  • In a relationship?
  • Age?


I originally posted an answer reply a while ago and somethings updated so here! :grin:

  • Where are you from? United States of America

  • Where do you live? United States of America

  • What languages do you speak? English and Spanish

  • Image of yourself No thanks. I look good though. :wink::joy::woman_facepalming:

  • Favorite hobbies? Texting my boyfriend, writing, drawing, and listening to music. I love texting my boyfriend way more than I do the others by the way. :sweat_smile:

  • Any sport? I used to play Basketball, Soccer, and Softball but I decided I don’t want to play sports anymore for some personal reasons.

  • Pets? Yes! I have a dog named Zeus. :blush:

  • In a relationship? Heck yeah I am! :heart_eyes: (@Glades is my babe :kissing_heart: and no I didn’t meet him on the forums :roll_eyes: , he joined last year because I asked him to :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

  • Age? Some people know. :woman_shrugging: People who do don’t tell anyone unless I say so!!! :shushing_face::expressionless:



Should I redo mine too lol?

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Yessss :joy:

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Hello, i am Mary and i just created my episode forum account and i thought about telling some things about myself.

  • Where are you from? I am from Greece
  • What languages do you speak? Greek and English
  • Pets? A rabbit
  • Hobbies? Dance and basketball
  • Age? 14


Okie dokie :joy:

  • Where are you from? United States of America
  • Where do you live? USA
  • What languages do you speak? Spanish English :nerd_face: but learned French and Italian over the summers
  • Pic of yourself ?

it’s gone forever now :clap:t3:

  • Favorite hobbies?
  • Any sport?
    Cheer used to play soccer :cowboy_hat_face:
  • Pets?
  • In a relationship?
    I’m married to the devil mentally if that counts if not then no
  • Age?
    :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: Some people know here but if not I’m ageless
  • Add more if wanted
    I have some friends here
    non-shameless self promo - @editsbyleslie04 on Instagram
    I’m Mexican
    And I own this emoji :cowboy_hat_face:



~Where are you from?: Well a boring place called Ohio

~Where do you live? In my mind half the time :rofl:

  • What languages do you speak? I speak English,sarcasm, and utter stupidity

  • Pic of yourself ? There’s so many of me floating around :rofl: I shouldn’t post more but I’m chocolatey and smexy so if ya wanna know pm me and I may show myself

  • Favorite hobbies? Watching Netflix, texting friends, going to the movies, shopping, talking, playing games, scaring guys,baking babies, talking to my king sized chocolate bar, and going on walks.

  • Any sport? Does running for rap snacks count? And dancing. Running when I’m mad

  • Pets? my stuffed animals

  • In a relationship? sorta? Kinda? Idk honestly I should talk to him about that :woman_facepalming:t5:

  • Age? old enough to fu-I mean 16 I’m 16 :sweat_smile:

  • Add more if wanted idek already whenever I have a Vance to talk about myself I can’t :rofl: I’ve had two secret boyfriends in my life, and I’ll be 18 next year. My crush liked me back djdbssksbsjdb I’m going through more drama then a lama lately. I’m in love with rap for some reason lately.


  • Where are you from? Australia
  • Where do you live? Australia
  • What languages do you speak? English and semi-fluent German
  • Pic of yourself? Will send if we become friends :slight_smile:
  • Favorite hobbies? Cheerleading, writing and photography and Netflix if it counts
  • Any sport? I do cheerleading
  • Pets? ! fighting fish and a blue tongue lizard
  • In a relationship? No but if u wanna be in one hmu :wink:
  • Age? 14
  • Fav food? Burgers, pizza and ice cream
  • Fav drink? Iced coffee, coke and tea