About yourself!


Nice topic! It’s really interesting! :blush:

  • Where are you from? Germany
  • Where do you live? America (Kentucky)
  • What languages do you speak? English and German
  • Pic of yourself ?
My Pic

  • Favorite hobbies? four wheels and taking pictures
  • Any sport? Basketball (For ever ago )
  • Pets? two dogs
  • In a relationship? Yes
  • Age :blush:


Awww your so beautiful mama.


Thank you. :blue_heart:


Where are you from? Puerto Rico

Where do you live? Florida

What languages do you speak? English, Spanish

My Pic

Half face only, Don't want to give nighmares


Favorite hobbies? Drawing, singing.

Any sport? Basketball

Pets? Does my husband count :sweat_smile:

In a relationship? Yes

Age? Soy Vieja


Where are you from? - Colombia

Where do you live? - New York, United States

What languages do you speak? -English, Spanish,German

Picture of Myself

Favorite hobbies? - Hanging out with friends, Volleyball, Cheer

Any sport? - Volleyball, Cross Country

Pets? - Dogs

In a relationship? - Nope :woman_shrugging:t2::no_mouth:

Age? 15


Okay :heart:


Where are you from? nigeria :nigeria:

Where do you live? England :uk:

What languages do you speak? English, currently learning spanish and i understand but dont speak a nigerian language .

Pic of yourself ? Some people have seen me c:

Favourite hobbies? forums, drawing, reading and probably talking to friends

Any sport? netball

Pets? nope

In a relationship? its complicated :heart:

Age? 13

A fact about myself? i use the username dqrkskin instead of darkskin to make it seem cooler, even though im kinda not that dark in skin tone apparently :joy:


You’re from Jamaica?! Swanky! I think I may be from there I honestly don’t know.



i hope this isn’t considered as spam, i just need to show love sometimes.


You might get flagged :scream::joy:
Hey you can always pm me if you need to talk

I don’t think I’ll be online again until tomorrow evening tho :heart:

  • Where are you from? France :fr:
  • Where do you live? France
  • What languages do you speak? French, English
  • Pic of yourself ?
  • Favorite hobbies? Movies and read
  • Any sport? No
  • Pets? One dog
  • In a relationship? Yes I have a fiancé
  • Age? 20

  • Where are you from? - Middle east
  • Where do you live? Israel
  • What languages do you speak? Hebrew, English, a bit of Russian
  • Pic of yourself ? HAHAHA No
  • Favorite hobbies? Video games, writing, crying. sleeping, binge, food
  • Any sport? I run a lot from the pain
  • Pets? Used to have hamsters. it didn’t end well
  • In a relationship? nope
  • Age? Too old yet too young
  • Add more if wanted

  • Where are you from? Honduras & Haiti

  • Where do you live? United States :us: :sweat_smile:

  • What languages do you speak? Spanish & Creole & English

  • Pic of yourself ?
    Nah I’m good :grin:

  • Favorite hobbies?
    I love to play sports and some artsy stuff :blush:

  • Any sport?
    Tennis, Football,Basketball and Soccer

  • Pets?
    Sadly I have two dogs. Both of them are grey baby bull dogs.

  • In a relationship?
    Honey this sexy mama is SINGLE

  • Age?
    16 turning 17 next Thursday.


Where are you from?

Where do you live?

What languages do you speak?
Serbian, English, German

Pic of yourself ?

Favorite hobbies?
Drawing, singing, dancing, sleeping,…

Any sport?
I love swimming and playing volleyball

Not right now but I love cats

In a relationship?
Nahhh, only if Harry Styles counts?

Somewhere between 14 and 24

Add more if wanted.
Oh okay,… my special talents are being oddly weird and sarcastic. :joy:
And I love One Direction.


What’s Serbia?


My home.


You gave me Wikipedia! :cold_sweat:

  • Where are you from? Italy
  • Where do you live? A village as big as my finger in Tuscany.
  • What languages do you speak? Italian, English, a little bit of Spanish.
  • Favorite hobbies? Writing, reading, drawing, acting, video games, listening to music, just doing stuff on the internet. Singing to musical’s song when I’m alone
  • Any sport? This year I wanted to start boxe, since la last year I couldn’t, but my mom won’t let me because “I don’t have time”, like it’s not the same distance from home as my drama lessons.
  • Pets? 12 cats.
  • In a relationship? Yup, from a year!
  • Age? 14 and an half


@Chocolate_Mama Yeah well kinda, not 100% but yeah. That totally made sense. :joy: