About yourself!




pm me.


The gif 🤦


That doesn’t mean he’s a boy :thinking:


thank you :blush: u r too hahahah


I love boxing


I do it for a living.
I train every week from 3-6 pm



I train everyday

Cause I’m always mad



For me it’s one of my hobbies. I just do it for fun I guess. Or sometimes to prep for a match against someone.


Where are you from?
Where do you live? Belize
What languages do you speak? English only :cry:
Favorite hobbies? Reading & gaming
Any sport? Football(Soccer), Volleyball, track and field
Pets? A dog and a noisy parrot
In a relationship? Nah fam ( long gone)

Additional Info: Music lover, latin(reggaeton,bachata,etc), some pop and rock with the additional rap. Mostly reggae, soca, danchall, etc. If I decided to sing and dance, look out a whole category 5 hurricane may be coming :joy::joy::joy:


I wanted to be a twin or triplet, but no .


:smiley: Most people I know who is a single child loves being a single child because they get everything, but personally I think it is better with siblings because even with I-Pads, laptops or games, you’ll still feel bored, but with another sibling, it something to fill your boredness with.


True, That’s why I’m happy for 3 brothers, I mean I want a sister but its just life.


Sometimes I hate my sisters so much that I’ll just say “Get out of my sight! Be Gone! I don’t want to see you again!” But I know it’s not true, I couldn’t imagine my life without my sisters, they are incredibly annoying most of the time, but I still love them and vice versa.


So its a trio of girls, I would never know what its like to have a sister, brothers are stressful but you love them and vica versa but some bonds just can’t be broken. :green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: A heart for each bro .


Aww, that’s so sweet. and same for me. I never know how it is to have a brother, or how it feels to be lonely at home. My cousin always goes down to my flat because he is so bored at home, because he has no one to play with. I feel sorry for him so I would go up if I have the time.


Awww that’s so sweet . Siblings 4 life

@Juann am I off topic here ?


I think we are :sweat_smile:




Yeah you are lol