About yourself!


Oh my your only 12?


Holy sh*t! You look 20 :sweat_smile:


No they are talking about someone.



You’r really pretty :blush::heart:


wow this sounds fun.

Where are you from? Minnesota, USA

Where do you live? Hawaii, USA

What languages do you speak? English, a little Hawaiian, a little Spanish, French.

Pic of yourself ? Um…I look like my limelight character, so:


Favorite hobbies? Surfing, dancing, basically any sport, horse riding

Any sport? Dancing, cheer, swimming, and more

Pets? A dog

In a relationship? Nope. :frowning:

Age? 17, nearly 18


My little baby! :smile:

  • Favorite hobbies? my favorite hobbies are watching Netflix and scaring away attractive guys :hot_face:
  • Any sport? well I really enjoy swimming :swimming_woman:
  • Pets? YES my little baby! His name is Joey and I love him :blush:
  • In a relationship? haha… no… hobbies, remember?
  • Age? 16! 17 October 23rd :partying_face:
  • Add more if wanted

Raw Talent :thinking:

My birthday is the 5th lol


October babies lmao :partying_face:


Yasss. My birthday is in like six daysssss


Wow you are really pretty :heart:


Mentioning that something is spam in your comment pretty much automatically turns your own comment into spam. Will give you a pass this time :wink:


My dog attracts more ticks than I do guys :joy:

socially incompetent

♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥

thank you lord jeremy


Since it’s the weekend I figured I would participate :slight_smile:

  • Where are you from? California / New Jersey
  • Where do you live? Colorado
  • What languages do you speak? English, some Spanish, some Tagalog
  • Pic of yourself ? Perhaps in the future
  • Favorite hobbies? Technology, huge geek. Have about 3 Google Homes, 1 Echo Dot, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, 3 Chromecasts, Plex server and much more. Spend a lot of time nerding out. Also love music, concerts, hiking in the mountains and video games. Much more to list but hands are too lazy atm :smiley:
  • Any sport? Hiking the mountains, hiking in the park and here is my heavy bag :sunglasses:

  • Pets? Three cat’s named Leela, Anakin and Sophie
  • In a relationship? Indeed
  • Age? Some of you know or have been able to guess
  • Add more if wanted
    Happy to see everyone playing it safe with this thread. I will admit i was very nervous when I saw it go up. Thanks for following the rules and not letting this head into creeper territory :nerd_face:


Hi there!

  • Where are you from? Brazil \o/
  • Where do you live? Guarujá - São Paulo
  • What languages do you speak? Portuguese and english
  • Pic of yourself ?

  • Favorite hobbies? I’m a taekwondo fighter and I love read books ^^
  • Any sport? taekwondo.
  • Pets? A dog and a cat (Quiara and Gamora)
  • In a relationship? Yes!
  • Age? 20

And I am a writer here so, i you want to read, it’s called “Thriller: Stay away from the mirror”


Omg… I finally found another Brazilian here hahaha’


Awsome! @Jeremy

I thought to haha but then I thought “well people will answer what they feel like sharing” :smile:


Lol, I was 99.9% sure that I was off topic.
I just can’t stick to one idea.


OMG! FINALLY hahahaha I think you’re the first I find around here!

  • Where are you from? Canada
  • Where do you live? Toronto
  • What languages do you speak? English and unfortunately some french.
  • Pic of yourself Warning!!! Don’t sue me if I blind you



I’m gonna die

You can’t sue me I know that your blind

I’m dead

I feel so so sorry for you

We’re all dead

I warned you


You did this to yourself

  • Favorite hobbies? Volleyball hanging out wit friends, being a dumba**
  • Any sport? Volleyball, Swimming
  • Pets? Nahhh
  • In a relationship? How could I if I look like this?
    Age? 13