About yourself!


Where are you from? Americaa and Jamaicaaa :jamaica::us:
Where do you live? Canada :canada:
What languages do you speak? English, French and learning Chinese
Pic of yourself ?

Left in Jean jacket

sike my chocolate queen self disappeared :woman_shrugging:

Favorite hobbies? Rapping, dancing, drawing
Any sport? Volleyball
Pets? like a fish
In a relationship? nahh
Age? 13 oof

yuh yuhh

  • Where are you from? England
  • Where do you live? England
  • What languages do you speak? French, English
  • Pic of yourself ?
    xbox drew by my dad
  • Favorite hobbies? Music
  • Any sport? Dodgeball
  • Pets? A dog called diesel
  • In a relationship? No
  • Age? 14


That’s a really nice portrait! :speak_no_evil:


thank you @AS007


I decided to do it as well:

  • Where are you from? The Netherlands
  • Where do you live? The Netherlands
  • What languages do you speak? I can have a decent conversation in 3, Dutch, English and Spanish, but I have a limited knowledge on German and French as well, and started Chinese recently!
  • Pic of yourself ?

  • Favorite hobbies? photography, making art
  • Any sport? volleyball and tennis
  • Pets? not at the moment
  • In a relationship? yes!
  • Age? 18

  • Where are you from? England and Vietnam (half British and half Vietnamese)
  • Where do you live? I live in the town called York
  • What languages do you speak? English, French, Chinese, Vietnamese
  • Pic of yourself ?
  • Favorite hobbies? Reading, drawing, playing video games, writing and listening to music etc.
  • Any sport? swimming and badminton
  • Pets? no
  • In a relationship? no, never been in one
  • Age? 21 (turning 22 soon)


Tagalog :scream:


I thought you were way younger than 21 :joy:


Haha same I guessed she was 16 and my friend thought she was 14


Lol, I get that a lot.

  • Where are you from? Denmark! :))
  • Where do you live? Denmark
  • What languages do you speak? Danish, English, German
  • Pic of yourself ?
I so do not look like someone who's turning 20 in January

  • Favorite hobbies? Reading, taking pictures, going for walks, spending time with my family and friends <3
  • Any sport? I’ve played badminton for seven years though I quit nearly four years ago due to a lot of school pressure. Instead, I occasionally go for a run :))
  • Pets? A dog and a cat
  • In a relationship? No - I’m happily single and I have all the time in the world to commit to someone :yum:
  • Age? 19



yeah you do btw :joy::wink:


Where are you from? United States
Where do you live? Canada
What languages do you speak? English
Pic of yourself ? What, and get mistaken for a 12-year-old emo kid? I think not.
Favorite hobbies? Writing, art, research, recently learning programming
Any sport? No, but I used to do karate
Pets? Not technically, but I hang out with my landlord’s dog a lot.
In a relationship? Yes!
Age? 22


Where are you from? Slovakia
Where do you live? Slovakia
What languages do you speak? Slovak, English, Czech, a little bit of German (does Latin count?)
Pic of yourself ? To be honest, I didn’t plan to add a pic but then I thought ‘Whatever, I’ll just add some filter.’ There’s a chance I’ll delete it (it’s an old and awful pic anyway lol)


Ouch, looks like you missed it :see_no_evil:

Favorite hobbies? reading, writing, procrastinating, riding, listening to music
Any sport? horse jumping, bowling, ping pong, floorball
Pets? at the moment none
In a relationship? nope What? A girl has the right to be demanding :woman_shrugging:
Age? 18




Wtf! You’re gorgeous!


Oof Im acc not :joy:

you do a face reveal




You are though! Heh, not today. Probably never tbh :joy: