About yourself!


Where are you from? America (However, my ancestors are Aboriginal.)

(I was told they were and I am, not sure if it’s true)

Where do you live? America…
What languages do you speak? English
Pic of yourself ? Nah, Chill
Favorite hobbies? Writing fan fiction, reading, playing Episode, watching TV
Any sport? I wanna try Fencing
Pets? A cat (But he ran away :disappointed_relieved:)
In a relationship? I have a crush but no
Age? 14

  • Where are you from? India
  • Where do you live? India
  • What languages do you speak? English, Hindi and Punjabi :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Pic of yourself ? :woman_red_haired:
  • Favorite hobbies? Drawing
  • Any sport? badminton
  • Pets? a dog :heart:
  • In a relationship? yes
  • Age? 19

  • Where are you from? Italy! :it:
  • Where do you live? Italy :joy: :it:
  • What languages do you speak? I speak italian and I’m studying English, French and German.
  • Pic of yourself ? no, sorry. I’m too shy.
  • Favorite hobbies? Reading (I love thriller and fantasy books), TV series (I fell in love with Stranger Things), writing
  • Any sport? nothing, I’m not good.
  • Pets? A dog! :heart_eyes:
  • In a relationship? Yes.
  • Age? 17 years old.

  1. Southern California (US)
  2. Southern Cali
  3. English and some Spanish. And I know a decent amount of ASL
  4. Um…

No thanks

  1. Eating, cursing, soccer, math, sleeping, watching YouTube, volleyball, contortions, tumbling, skating, and hanging out with family and friends.
  2. Soccer, volleyball, tumbling
  3. Yup, have a freaking cute puppy
  4. No single af
  5. 13


Oh wow, you look very pretty!


DA-YUM JENNA! :grinning: :hushed:


Yall cute as hell, stay winning :sunglasses:


Where are you from?
Where do you live?
What languages do you speak?
Bangla, English, Hindi
Pic of yourself ?
Favorite hobbies?
Chatting with friends and listening music😂
Any sports?
Does online games counts…?:joy::joy:
Nope but i wanted a parrot… :innocent:
In a relationship?
With Shawn Mendes
I m alive from ice age… :joy:


Thank you…



  • Where are you from?: England, Wales, France, Russia, Armenia :uk: :fr: :ru: :armenia:
  • Where do you live?: England :uk:
  • What languages do you speak?: English, French and I am learning German (best in my class but my teacher is awful and is not teaching us anything at the moment so…)
  • Pic of yourself ?:Not at the moment
  • Favorite hobbies?:Reading, Writing stories, Tap, Ballet, Making better versions of life in my head, Watching TV , I tend to watch a lot of period dramas, comedies, wedding/ dating programmes and sad movies, Planing future events , which all sound amazing but they will never happen…, being savage to my friends irl, looking at Pins on Pinterest for my ever growing boards, hiking, writing Christmas cards, hiking, being weird and messing around with my friends, episode forums, eating and sleeping.
  • Any sport?:Dance-Tap and Ballet. Apart from dance I hate sport.
  • Pets?: The foxes in my garden :fox_face:. I wish I had a cat but my dad is allergic…
  • In a relationship?:Nope
  • Age?: 14


Omfg I’m a contortion do

I thought I was the only one who does


one question…

What did you type?!


What is contoration?


Oh someone whos flexible and can twist their bodies


For example thid

This is one the things I can do


And I’m not a begginer since I been doing this since last year



It’s not really

I always do this at school , I swear everyone keep saying I have no bones



  • Where are you from? A video game
  • Where do you live? Everywhere
  • What languages do you speak? Nothinh
  • Pic of yourself ?

  • Favorite hobbies? Killing Noobs

  • Any sport? None

  • Pets?
    iPhone’s, PS4, X Box

  • In a relationship? Yeah

  • Age? I don’t know? I’m just a skin


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