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Whew Chile. The childish attitude. I’m sorry @meadowh that it was closed.


It’s ok, thanks for expressing concern

The thread is actually my friend’s @Juann ‘s

I was just trying to stop them from spamming it with crap :joy:


Oh yeah, right. I keep making that mistake. :roll_eyes: I’m sorry that they were acting like that towards you even though you were just telling them to stop. Lol some people man :woman_facepalming:t5:


You guys are veering off topic yourselves :upside_down_face:

About me… I like playing basketball (on topic)


Oh really? Did you join a team?


No we haven’t had tryouts yet but I can’t wait!
I also play Soccer and Softball!!!


I bet you’re really good at them! :blush: :+1:t5:


Yeah :sweat_smile: I get that aloooooot.
People on the other teams I play hate me cos I’m “too” good :joy:


They’re just salty. Don’t let them stop you because you are

  • Where are you from? Germany and Trinidad (Half German and Trinidadian)
  • Where do you live? America
  • What languages do you speak? German english and a little bit of korean
  • Pic of yourself ? Nope
  • Favorite hobbies? Reading, writing, watching anime, singing
  • Any sport? I use to play baseball im Highschool
  • Pets? My puppy blake :slight_smile:
  • In a relationship? Yes !
  • Age? 19 turning 20 in december
  • Add more if wantedI graduated highscool at the age of 16. I am currently working on my bachelors degree in nursing


I’m sorry, but you graduated at the age of 16!? YOU’RE A GENIUS! :scream:


Lol aw shucks :relaxed:. Thank you​:heart:


  • Where are you from? Lithuania
  • Where do you live? Uk
  • What languages do you speak? Lithuanian, english and a little bit russian
  • Pic of yourself ?

  • Favorite hobbies? Well… Walking, biking ,skating ,reading ,cooking and baking. What else :thinking: Playing games, camping, listening to music
Oh... And

  • Any sport? I used to play football and really enjoyed swimming, but now I just have time for gym. Btw, I would like to try Muay Thai :boxing_glove: :hearts:
  • Pets? :dog2:
  • Age? 24

Guys…I’m not lazy. I’m just on energy saving mode! And I find bats :bat: cute

  • Where are you from? Kauai
  • Where do you live? Hawaii
  • What languages do you speak? English mainly
  • Pic of yourself ? I would get banned for showing my face, :joy: you’d get too many nightmares it’d be flagged as harassment.
  • Favorite hobbies? Browsing the web, anything related to the internet really
  • Any sport? Used to do football, I hate sports now
  • Pets? Fish died, bunny died, I have a brother though
  • In a relationship? Nope
  • Age? Nah


I love that ur brother is counted as a pet lmao


Is he not supposed to be?


In theory no. But why not lol