About yourself!


I want to do one side of me. :sweat_smile:

  • Where are you from? Honduras
  • Where do you live? Miami FL
  • What languages do you speak? Mostly Spanish.
  • Pic of yourself? I did a huge glow up buttt not going to post it.
  • Favorite Hobbies? Playing Volley at the beach.
  • Any sport? Hm…Volley Ball and Soccer
  • Pets? A Bulldog (grey) was diagnosed with Cancer before 2001
  • In a relationship? Not at all, Not planning though :sweat_smile:
  • Age? 17

  • Where are you from? United States
  • Where do you live? :us:
  • What languages do you speak? Only English so far.
  • Pic of yourself?

  • Favorite Hobbies? Sleeping! Lol. But seriously, I think I’m a very boring person.
  • Any sport? Not yet at least. I’m looking into some.
  • Pets? My family has two cats, but one of them is mine and the other is my sister’s.
  • In a relationship? Nope! Not interested in that stuff right now.
  • Age? 14! :gemini:


youre a gemini???


Yeah, I am.


tWINNS :gemini:


Ayee :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:

  • Where are you from? Skanderborg, Denmark
  • Where do you live? Sønderborg, Denmark.
  • What languages do you speak? English Danish and German.
  • Favorite hobbies? Model trains, model anything warlike in 1:32, fun with friends, gaming, movies and more…
  • Any sport? Horseriding and biking (not professionally).
  • Pets? No, but my parents have a cat.
  • In a relationship? No.
  • Age? 22

  • where are you from: USA
    *where do you live: USA
    *what languages do you speak: ENGLISH
    *favorite hobbies: DRAMA, ART, MUSIC, SPEAKING
    *pets: DOG
    Age: ALMOST 16

  • Where are you from? Germany
  • Where do you live? still in Germany🇩🇪
  • What languages do you speak? german, english, a bit french and russian
  • Pic of yourself? :yum:
  • Favorite Hobbies? art (and digital art), reading books, writing my story here on episode, meet with friends :grin:
  • Any sport? I’m very lazy :joy:
  • Pets? A cat :smiley_cat:
  • In a relationship? No…
  • Age? 23


Update: My cat is back home! :blush:

  • Where are you from? USA

  • Where do you live? Texas

  • What languages do you speak Hablo Español y inglés. (I speak Spanish and English.)

  • Pic of yourself? Not comfortable with that.

  • Favorite hobbies? Reading Episode, Running, Baking, and sewing.

  • Any sport? Track, Basketball, and Volleyball.

  • Pets? A dog and a cat.

  • In a relationship? Nope, single Pringle who’s not ready to mingle.

  • Age? 162849 :wink:


Hello neighbour ( IM FROM LATVIA !!)


Eh why not

Where are you from? America
Where do you live America
What languages do you speak English and Spanish And Crazy
Pic of yourself

Favorite Hobbies Drawing,Writing,Video Games,Looking for a mans
Any sports Nada
Pets All dogs Stone,Pebbles.London,Kong,Diana
Relationship Status :sob::sob:


@Juann I’m updating mine now bc I’m bored hopefully it’s not a problem

  • Where are you from? United States
  • Where do you live? United States
  • What languages do you speak? English, Spanish, French, and Italian
  • Pic of yourself ?
    I told you one day I will so here’s the day until you seen my pfp at times
I'm deleting this in a few hours 😉 bc it's horrific and I don't want to damage anyone's eyes😂

  • Favorite hobbies? Reading, Dancing, Listening to music, drawing or daydreaming
  • Any sport? Cheer and soccer now
  • Pets? Not anymore
  • In a relationship? Nope I’m single and I want to stay that way for awhile :sweat_smile:
  • Age? 14 now
  • Add more if wanted :thinking: Nope unless y’all want to know if so pm me. Oh wait I’m always bored :joy:


Hey yall. I’m Abi.

  • Where are you from? I am from Australia!
  • Where do you live? Currently in QLD Australia
  • Language? only English (too lazy to learn another language lmao)
  • Hobbies I love drawing and I also love to be lazy
  • Picture of you Oh hell nah. Don’t feel comfortable sorry lol
  • Sport nope I’m a lazy bish. Lol kidding, I work out every day.
  • Pet Yes, I have an amazing German shepherd named Rain. He’s ironically afraid of the rain :umbrella:
  • Relationship Single but looking for a boo :heart:
  • Age rather not say lol


Girl you’re so pretty


Thanks <3


No problem :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


Where are you from? Albania

Where do you live? Capital of Albaania

What languages do you speak? English, German and Turkish

Favorite hobbies? Tennis, badminton, voleyball, swimming

Any sport? Voleyball

Pets? A dog

In a relationship? Nope
Age? 14

  • Where are you from? United States

  • Where do you live? California

  • What languages do you speak? English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

  • Favorite hobbies? Writing, watching Netflix, being a general couch potato haha

  • Any sport? Track and field, tennis, swimming

  • Pets? Nope

  • In a relationship? Nope, I’m a single pringle :confused:

  • Age? 14