About zones in a bedroom

So i have the background int.island bedroom-day and would like to focus in on the bed but cant do it with zones as it cuts out half her body on each zone how would i do this ?:slight_smile:

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can you show me your code? Because I am not sure I understand the description. :smiley:

Or did you mean how to zoom between zones?

If so you just have to play manually with the zoom scales… like this:

@zoom on 1000 0 to 120% in 0


I think so in a way with that bedroom the bed is on the corner of the zone 1 and half in zone 2 is that how u can do it in between the i would show my code but have just turned it of :slight_smile:

OK yes than it is what I wrote you - its already set to see the bed just in the middle of the screen. Test it in your portal and you should see it like this

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Thank you sooo much this worked now just got to adjust my characters :heartpulse:

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