Absent Characters



I’m sure that there is already a thread on this, but I just wanted to make my own! :joy: Uhm, so sometimes when I’m playing, there aren’t characters in places where characters should be. Like they just aren’t on the screen at all. Usually it’s the male characters. To make them reappear I have to exit the story and then come back. Just wondering if there was something wrong with my phone and if there was anything I could do to prevent this from continuing. Thanks! :grin:


Do you mean creating a story or reading one? Because if reading, it’s quite common for clothes/characters to disappear. It’s just a glitch with the app & usually occurs when someone suddenly exits the app or story. To prevent this from happening so frequently, I’d recommend finishing the chapter before exiting x


i mean when reading! :grin: thank you!


i always refresh episode! and then they’re back! :slight_smile:


You can submit a help ticket to the support team and ask them about this issue! :smiley:


I have this problem too! You’re not alone :wink: