Abuse of flag system

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Maybe it would stop if it showed who flagged who :grin:

You should only flag relevant thing’s that violates the rules, random flagging just makes it harder for admin to find legitimate flags that will actually help other people on the forums. I love the forums so let’s keep it a happy place for everyone :grin:


I definitely agree! I get these flagged posts that was so old plus the topic is closed and it was a game, Elim— game ksksksksk.


I feel like that would cause more drama. Also, I’m pretty sure mods have to approve flags :thinking:


Yeah I think your right.


Yeah…can you imagine the bullying that would ensue if this was actually put in to action?
And I’m pretty sure flags only go through if a mod agrees with it. :woman_shrugging: It’s not automatic.


My experience with the abuse of the flag system is very different. This time last year I was getting flagged for saying “thank you” because it was deemed off topic. Now… I can get away with saying a lot more things that actually are way off topic imo and I don’t know why this is, but I’m not going to complain.

I don’t see innocent things getting flagged these days. I see a lot of bullying getting flagged, I sometimes even see people who promote their story in a non-promoting thread get flagged… Come to think of it, I’ve never really seen a flagged comment and not understood why it was flagged :woman_shrugging:

And maybe it would stop if people stopped constantly violating the rules too. Why should we pin a target on someone’s back when flagging is literally the system in place for pointing out to mods when you think someone has broken a rule?


Yes I agree with you totally :grin:


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Sneak peak: post for great game sneak peaks this got flagged for reasons I don’t know of. Does this count?

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Ooops! I’m still getting the hang of it…sorry Sydney. :sob:


Hey I’m not sure what happened but this is a thread to discuss not ask…maybe pm Sydney about that? :slightly_smiling_face:


People now flag others because they just dislike that person and flag for no reason


Yeah theres a lot of that.


Yeah I’ve seen some people get flagged for no reason it’s just mean.


Oh good I was going to make a topic on this.
I’m very concerned about how the flagging system is being used by certain members of the community to silence opinions they don’t want to hear. It’s one thing if the post is actually off topic, offensive, etc., but when posts are still flagged and it’s obvious that the post was flagged either because somebody doesn’t like the person or posting or just didn’t like what was said, it becomes a problem. This needs to be fixed.


Agree with you 100%, the other day there was a bit of an argument on the forums. I posted on it letting everybody know to at least discuss their issues with one another calmly and respectfully. Then later on, I got a message saying that it had been flagged! I didn’t get it at all, I think there should be a team that decides what should be flagged and hidden and what shouldn’t. Nobody should be allowed to flag just because the disagree with something. :joy:


There is. It’s the mods. When a user flags something, you don’t automatically get your reply hidden and sent the auto message unless there is multiple people who basically flag it at the same time (I think the number needed is 5 flags before it gets auto hidden?). Sydney or Jeremy has to review a flag and they determine whether the flag is legit or not. So basically, I could flag every single reply in this thread and yet no one would have their reply hidden unless they were actually doing something against the forum content And then Sydney would probably message me and tell me not to do something like that again for the sake of proving a point :sweat_smile: And even when it comes to an auto-flag… Like say there is an issue while Jeremy and Sydney aren’t online and 5 people flag you and your reply gets hidden, they still review it when they come online again.


Thank you for clearing this up for me, it makes a lot more sense now but really? This is so crazy, I have no idea how peacefully telling people to discuss their differences calmly and maturely could be deemed as 'flaggable. I mean, how does that even go against forum guidelines but okay. :crazy_face::joy:


Oh yeah, that is called backseat modding. I forgot to add that. Basically, instead of telling someone to calm down or even to tell them they are off topic, you should flag them instead. I guess in the long run it keeps threads a lot neater because instead of having three off topic comments, by you not backseat modding, there will only be two off topic comments :upside_down_face: The idea seemed bogus to me at first but what I have noticed is that every time someone tries to put an end to drama, they only add to it and then everyone replies to them, trying to defend their arguments and such, so it makes more sense when you look at it from that POV.

There’s a bit more info on it here: Flagging, the forums and you! 🚩