Abuse of flag system

Exactly that’s the whole point of the topic people are just haters…

Flags are still not dealt with properly. Not just from my experience. Some people are having their OP flagged for being off topic. How can the OP be off topic if it’s the source of the topic?


I stopped writing on episode because of the flagging system, drama, lack of support and confidence issues and all in all lack of community spirit

I’m sick of the bullying and drama that comes along with episode so I believe that the flagging system should be stopped because it creates drama in the first place :rage:

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I personally think that the purpose of creating the topic was so we could if you think abuse of the flag system exist. My purpose wasn’t abt how we can stop it or slow it down. Idk if it’s off-topic, you might have to ask the mods.


Why is her response flagged? :thinking: Interesting… The system is really weird.