Abygail's Free and Easy Edit Art Thread

Is this a new art thread?

Hey I would like to request for a cover. Is it still possible for it please?


I’ve learned the rules and until I can afford my drawing tablet, I can’t sell my art sadly. I would’ve continued in the old one but it was already closed lol.

@Cathie_epi accepted ! :white_heart:

@elowen & @Uwastasia yes!

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Thanks you! Can I pm you the details :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:?

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Splash Form

  • Main idea of the splash: A splash saying Thankyou for reading

  • Preferred background (custom/Episode/other):

  • Any overlays:No

  • Any extra text:No

  • Anything else: No

  • If there IS characters, fill out the form below for each character (Max of 6):

  1. Character style (LL, INK, Classic):LL

  2. Character details:

  3. Character outfit:

  4. Character pose (custom or Episode):

    Somewhat like that

@Uwastasia Yes !

@TANU3112 accepted !

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Here’s what I got so far: two cards done and the rest have their poses done! I do have work and school lol so sorry for the long time it’s all taking.



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I dont like the filter on Roy ‘s character card

I’d like to request an art cover please


Go right ahead !

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Don’t forget about my request…i know you are busy and we all have lives to live

Hey @aby.gailllll are you done with my request??
I know you too have a busy life it’s just that I have to use it in my recent story so that is why I am just making it sure are you done or not :innocent: :heart:

plz just let me know the deadline :pleading_face:

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Im still waiting on my character cards from her. Like she told me she has school and work , so she of told us she isnt abke to do it so we can go to another art shop


Hey girly just checking in to see how my cover is coming along.

Hey I love them all, will request soon

i’ve moved to a new art group (-:


Ok thank you!