Accent marks are here!


Wow, this is so misleading about the scene in total. But the accent marks are real.


More proof:

I figured if they allowed emojis they’d allow accent marks which is GREAT for adding Navajo Language.

The code you are seeing is from the Episode Interactive story called Culi


I looked this for a whole minut, and I have no idea what you are talking about

You can use accents, I understand it.



Yess we can finally write stories in other languages without using weird apostrophe alternatives >:3

Italian here I come~


Same :slight_smile:

Just so happy you figured this out and pointed it out to all of us. They really didn’t advertise this well and I know people were disappointed to get emojis instead of accented letters but now we know they work and it changes everything!!


Wait… so Episode themselves didn’t create a post telling us that we have accented letters now and how to use them? And double wait… there is no code? We just type out the accent using the ALT keys?? I really though this was going to require coding…

Don’t get me wrong I’m excited… I’m French so I want this… but they didn’t even tell us???


YAS! Support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
lmfao i feel speacil rn :rofl:

It really feels weird that they didn’t mention this at all. Like this would be a really big update because people have been wanting this, but they don’t even announce it. Some people might not even know.



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I honestly don’t even know if it was intentional or just a byproduct of making it so we could have emojis in the script lol. But my friends have tested it and it definitely works!

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That’s good to know, and I’m really happy about it… I just wish Episode had made this official, with a post from @Melani3 or @Liz telling us that what we have been waiting for, for years is finally here and explained to us in a post. I know that sounds whinny but common… this is something a huge part of the community has wanted for a long time, it would’ve been nice for them to excitedly tell us about this. They’ve been using accented letters in their original and featured Episode stories for a while… so whether them giving us access to emoji’s just happened to make the accents work… I still think that means they would know that the accents are also working now, so I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t post about it and make sure that all of the Episode forums community would know about it.


You are STILL unable to create a character with an accent in their name. That’s unfortunate.

It looks like you can name characters but idk how it’s done.

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I think you can’t if the accented letter is one of the first two letters. But I’m also not sure if it depends on the letter.


Translation: Finally, I’m so happy!


You may have to click on a choice with their name on it.
choice (CHARNAME)
“José” continue
“Jöhn” continue

How do they say the name in the story?

[CHARNAME] is my name.

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I know you can name your MC in a story that the author has you name your character but I tried creating a character with an accent in the name and that you can’t do. I wish they made it so you could.

Oh that’s cool! So you’re saying you can create a choice to “force” the reader to have the MC’s name with an accent if you wanted to? I think that’s what you’re saying… that’s a cool work around if so.