Acceptable amount of blood in an episode story?

Hey! I was simply wondering how much blood is allowed in an Episode story. I want to have a character have a small nosebleed - would this be acceptable? I know I’ve seen blood in some stories before, but we know how Episode’s rules can be a bit finicky.

Thank you!


This should be allowed

If you not sure you can always send a support ticket :slight_smile:

And I think small nose bleed shouldn’t be a problem

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Hey Guys! It’s my first time writing a story on Episode and so I haven’t got the hang of it yet.
Can someone please tell me how can I make my character nose bleed a little?

Much appreciated! :relaxed:

Hello - to make a character’s nose bleed you’ll need to have an overlay (PNG image that is uploaded to Episode) and scale / shift the overlay to the size and location you need it.

Thank you! I think I figured it out :blush:

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nosebleed is good, but not backgrounds that have blood all around it,. I worked on one before for a friend and that one got rejected for a Halloween background.