Accepting R4Rs!

Sure, let’s do a R4R, friend!

Title: The Phantom Cell
Instagram: five_star_equilibrium

Hello I’m interested in doing read4reads

Title: werewolves in hiding

Author: Meghan_on_episode

Story style: limelight

Instagram: meghan_on_episode

Description: Everyone wants a normal life but it’s not always easy. Even if you have magic powers and always being hunted by researchers.

Episodes: 6 more coming soon



Let me know if you’re interested

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Here’s my story

Title: Forever Us
Author: Episode Guy
Instagram: @Episode_Guy
Description: After They Divorced, He was forced to stay away from His ex-wife and daughter, Will he fix their broken relationship or will he just move on? [Male Mc, LL, 3Li’s & Full CC]
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Episode: 8 (more to come )

Here’s a link:

The Story Is Kinda New

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Hey first of all thank you so much for this thread… hope you will find my story interesting :relaxed:

Here’s the details:

Name: Anonymous Person
Genre/s: Mystery+Comedy
Author: Anushka
IG: @epi_writes
Episodes: 6 (more coming soon)
Link: 9

It’s been 10 years since Diana’s father and sister died… But what would happen when she will know that her closed ones is involved in it? [Full CC]

Thank you…


I’ll message you on Instagram so we can discuss about it! :heart:

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Hi, I’ll message you on Instagram so we can talk about it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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