Accepting requests!

I am accepting moodboard requests atm! if anyone is interested, feel free to message me here or on instagram! my instagram- @/melissasversion (for moodboards) instagram link-

my examples



bump! :slight_smile:

do u have any examples with brighter colors? (purple, pink, blue, red?)

is this free or for a fee? :disco:

its free! and yes i have more brighter colors as well! what color would u prefer to see?

purple / blue or / and pink? :3

im currently making something of purple/blue aes, but haven’t posted anything so far. i do have something green-ish tho! my acc focuses on more “brownish” aesthetics, but im willing to try others as well:) are u looking for aesthetic mbs or want mood boards for ur character(s)?
(i have different examples for both of em)

i am really fond of synthwave / vaporwave so one with that would be nice. green is pretty, i’d love to see an example. perhaps we should move to pm’s?

sure! <3

it’s really nice, bump