Accepting Your Body

I just want to share body positivity. Everyone is welcome here!!!


Thank you for making this thread!!!
A lot of people are ashamed of their body and I’d be glad to show them that it doesn’t matter how fat or how slim you are!!!


This is the wrong catergory.


Accepting* my friend… not excepting!



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Sorry, I am just really bad at spelling

What do you mean?


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If people talk bad about your body, don;t mind them. Love yourself. Love the body that you are in, don’t destroy it. Don’t please people. Just be yourself, and move on. I’m skinny, so I love my body, and proud to say it.


I wish I loved my body.



I tell my self I’m built perfectly, I have no low self-esteem what so ever.

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Everyone should love their body no matter what it looks. Yees! Body positivity

And honestly people should never body shame other people.

It sickens me so much when people body shame others.

Personally I was told I’m disgusting and nobody will ever date me because I have scars ‘‘all over my body’’ Only on my hands and thighs but anyway. and told I look like a ‘‘skeleton’’ because I’m a skinny girl. But like seriously why do people have to do stuff like this.

I really don’t get what people get from saying Shitty stuff to people. Skinny, big, white, dark whatever someone looks like, what do people get from making people feel like shit?


I’ll answer what no one else seems to have answered yet: Accepting your looks isn’t about brainwashing yourself into thinking that you’re good looking .

I can’t see the picture that everyone else seems to be commenting on, so I don’t actually know if you’re conventionally attractive or not. Self-esteem makes that irrelevant, anyway. You can feel attractive or unattractive regardless of what you might be. So, how do you accept thinking of yourself as ugly?

The answer is to accept that you don’t have to look beautiful.

You don’t have to be beautiful to be kind, or funny, or intelligent. You don’t have to be beautiful to have a fulfilling job, be liked by your friends, to get a romantic relationship, to make your family proud of you.

Many “beautiful” people wake up with tangled hair, dried spit on their face, and bags under their eyes. They complain about looking like shit sometimes. Nobody is always attractive. Are they lesser people before they’ve put on makeup, styled their hair? No? They’re still good, unique people whether they look better or worse one hour from the next? So why shouldn’t that apply to you?

My mom said it best when I started spending too long putting makeup on, and I thought her comment was hilarious: the technical definition of vanity is to find pride in your attractiveness.

Do you need to be exceptionally smart to accept yourself? No.

Do you need to be incredibly strong to accept yourself? No.

Yet it’s expected of you and all other women in the world that you have to accept yourself by seeing beauty in the mirror. Why is this?


You’re back :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

But I agree. Amazing points were made

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