Accessibility of episode stories

Hello everyone,
I would like to talk about a topic that I find important. I know a lot of the writers are concerned about making episode stories more accessible, e.g. by using trigger warnings and warnings for flashing lights. I appreciate that, but would like to add something to that and would like to start a discussion.

I personally am on the Autism spectrum. I tend to take warnings like that more serious than I probably should, because I find it irritating when I am told to turn up the volume when ultimately, sudden noises make me feel stressed and I really don’t want to turn the volume on.

I also wanted to talk about what is written as a text in the choices. I cannot count the times where I thought some choice meant one thing but actually meant another. I notoriously take passive aggressive comments literally and remember when I chose an option to tell someone that she has a problem and that she needed to seek help and thought that yes, she seemed to have an actual issue with stress or with like feeling bad about herself, but then the MC continued to be really mean. There are a lot of other choices where this happened to me and it is really frustrating if you are on episode 20 and then make a mistake because you took the wording literally. I would really appreciate it if people started to write down what kind of emotion, attitude or voice they associate with the certain choices.

I hoped to make a discussion on what other people experienced on the accessibility of episode stories and what authors could do to accommodate us.

Thank you for listening.


i have autism too.

i dont have a problem with this kinda stuff. but i have always been pretty good at seen the line between reality and fiction

i understand misundertsaing something you read i have done that a few times. and it suck but it is not like you can do anything about it .

Do you think I don’t see the line between fiction and reality?

I have seen a few stories where there was actually written behind the text if it is a lie or the truth, which I deeply appreciated, and I was told that some other non-autistic people had issues with unclear choices, too. I just felt like being autistic made me more prone to this, that’s why I added it. So I thought it would be smart to raise awareness that this is a thing.

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Very good points, thank you for sharing. I will definitely consider this going forward.