ACCESSORIES: Fangs and Claws?

Hi there. I’m a new writer her. I’ve been working on my story for the last three months or so and plan to publish it soon and these last few weeks I’ve been thinking how nice it would be (and pretty cool) you could add an accessory for fangs and claws. I’m writing a story with the paranormal and they could be really useful if a writer wanted to use them for a character transformation for like a werewolf, vampire, or another monster (that’s what I’m doing) :blush:
I know it’s such a small think but it would go such a long way I think, I push the story’s detail to the next level. You have horns, wings, and even some tails already, which is great! Maybe we could have fangs claws in the future too for a really complete look. :slight_smile: Would also really help me especially since I can’t really do any cover art like that hehe. I know you guys get so many suggestions and requests for stuff and can’t do them all for practicality reasons and such (plus designing code for things isn’t always easy lol) but thanks for listening! :smile:



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Feel free to support CLOTHING : Fangs and CLOTHING : Werewolf (LIMELIGHT) :wink:

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Since fangs are already suggested, can you change your title and post to suggest only claws? :heart: