Accidentally Engaged [1-3 out now]

Accidentally Engaged

A huge thank you goes out to @Rody1 for some idea help.

Welcome to Accidentally Engaged promotion thread. You will find everything you need to know.


  • Full CC

  • Advanced Directing

  • Point System

  • Gorgeous Art Scenes


Small Cover

Large Cover


You’re just a regular girl until a chance encounter with a hot, famous and egotistical billionaire turns you into his fiancée.


Q. Does this story have customization?

A. Yes

Q. How many love interest are there?

A. Only one Colton.

Q. When will this story be out?

A. Hopefully when episode approves everything.

Instagram: jazz.episode01


Thank you @mdrawzz and @molly247 for the idea I have know clue how you did yours.


I hope it will come out soon. Can’t wait to read it!

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he looks like prince naveen in the first pic PLSS :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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This sounds juicy😦 cant wait to read it

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Thank you it’s very juicy.

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Hope it’ll get many views!