Account problem please help!

Hello could someone help me with a problem?

I had to login on Episode and I did it with google but I have 2 email adresses, so I thought I had the right one but apparently not. Episode made me an account for that Email adress but that’s not the account that I was using , so every time I log out to login again with google to get to the right account , It won’t let me choose the right email adress but it automatically goes to the wrong account. Could someone help me or tell me what to do ?

Ah yes I have done this before

what you need to do is…
sign out of the writers portal
then go on the home page of you browser and sign out

Once you have signed out of both writers portal and browser search Episode
and then go down to this:

choose google and then click the right one

this should work

thank you I am going to try it right now :slight_smile:

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Okay, tell me if it works ~ :heart::heart::heart:

Erase your history and it will automatically log you out of everything. Make sure when you erase you select erase everything and “all time”. Hope this helps

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Okay trying that now~♡

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No still just says error


So weird I do it all the time and no issue. Are you sure you erased everything including cookies/saved passwords. That’s usually unchecked by default to double check x

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Everything but passwords because I simple don’t remember all my passwords

That’s the main one you need to erase you need to reset the passwords

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oof okay …

I’ll report back…

Actually, wait… I just realized this is for the wrong thing.

I dont need help with getting in @josephine.episode
I’m so sorry I was asking for help with some error problem I’m the writers portal.
And I thought you were helping me with that.
I didn’t know that this was a different thread


You mean by browser my google drive account right ? Sorry my WiFi was gone for a whole day :confused:

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thats okay

and I mean this

your contact doesn’t look like mine but thats were your contact is

Oooh!! There’s a log out button in settings I think

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Your probably right :thinking:
But this is how I do it. :woman_shrugging:

but either way the goal is to log out of both Google and Writers Portal

Okay thank you I will try when my WiFi is back xx

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I am sorry it took so long I was on a vacation but it didn’t work I think I will just make a new account but thank you!!