Accusations [GAME]


Let’s play a fun game and randomly accuse people xD It’s fun!
This game works this way:
Me: Let’s play!
Person1: @Sarinaa looted me in 4th grade.
Person2: @Person1 stole my french perfume.
Person 3: @Person 2 tore all my homework.

(GAME) The alphabet game (Female names only)
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@Sarina.K didn’t wash her hands before cooking.


@Cricket_Master threw a kitten off a tall building (how bad of u cricket)


@Sarina.K broke my uncle’s cousin’s sister’s best friend’s hairdresser’s cat’s heart about forty years ago back in Los Angeles


@Lady-Mehek took my red crayon! :sob:


@SomePerson wears short, Jean shorts.


@Cricket_Master ate my sister’s uncles cousin’s turkey’s cat’s mouses horses cousins mother’s cookie.


@L.M.Taylia stole my cat ears! (Tsk tsk naughty naughty)


@Kittenlove stole my… err, catnip? Bad kitty


@L.M.Taylia is falsely accusing me of taking her catnip (How rude)


@Kittenlove is lying to everyone (How disrepectful)


@L.M.Taylia stole a turquoise colored pencil from the kindergarten classroom back in summer school, summer of '76. By which I mean 1876.


@Lady-Mehek is lying about my age I’m not that old.

(That’d make me older than 142 years old)


@L.M.Taylia broke the seal to my newly bought DVD, stealing the satisfaction of peeling away the protective plastic.


@sfg throws her empty beer cans into the ditch.


@Cricket_Master stole my favorite eraser back in 2nd grade.


@Sarina.K murdered Timothy back in first grade (yes THAT Timothy. hall monitor Timothy. “I have the 48 pack of colored pencils” Timothy. the guy Sarinaa was elementary school-married to for a week Timothy.) by pushing him into an old abandoned well, but she told everyone that @Cricket_Master had done it.


@Lady-Mehek ate the last donut and she caused Global Warming
(Tsk tsk how dare you)


@SomePerson force-fed Mehek the last donut so that they could blame Mehek for eating it.

Tsk tsk tsk


@L375 tracked on the carpet.