Accused of Copying A Popular Story That You've Never Read

Hey guys! I am in need of some advice, and I’m hoping that this post might help others who are in this situation as well.

Today, I got my first “negative” fan mail (it’s not really that negative) saying that it seems like I just “kinda copied” a popular ink story on this app. I received this message on one of my stories. However, I originally thought of this story when the classic style was still popular and ink had just been introduced (meaning that I thought about this A LONG time ago), but never had the time to create it until now because I took a break. Additionally, I have never read this popular story and besides the edits I see of it on Instagram here and there, I have no idea what is it about :sweat_smile:

Now, I know that it’s just one comment and that I shouldn’t worry because I should be doing what I love to do, but I am scared that I am going to get more comments about this in the future. I am not a popular author, but I’ve been part of this community for almost 4 years and I know what other readers/writers do to each other when they think someone is copying another popular author. I can promise everyone that I 100% did not copy, but to other people, it may not seem like that because they judge so quickly. And seeing that this story is so much more popular than my own, I’m worried that my story will be teared apart. Part of me feels like I might be overreacting and that I should continue doing what I really love, but the other part of me doesn’t want to continue getting these type of messages in the future. Ahh so confusing.

If anyone has advice to me or anyone else in this situation, please leave them below! I would really appreciate it, and I know that other people in this situation will as well :heartpulse:


I wouldn’t worry about it. There are a lot of stories on this app that similar to each other. A lot of popular stories on the app have drawn inspiration from other stories. And what is the name of your story and the name of the story that the reader accussed you of copying?


As long as it’s not an exact copy there shouldn’t be an issue as majority mafia stories are a lot like chain reaction which chain reaction is a lot like the godfather.


All I can say is… Look at how many “Pregnant by…” or “Falling for the…” stories there are on the app. They’re all kinda the same at the end of the day, but all sort of different. People still enjoy them and read them and as far as I know, there’s never been a huge drama about how the titles and plots are similar.


vampire diaries/ twilight
hunger games/ divergent
kimba the white lion / lion king

there exist a lot of stories coping each other. orginality dosent exist anymore its dead. no matter what there will always be a story out there like yours.

even if you where copying a story someone els made if you give it a orginal spin its your story. and if you are not at all copying a story you should not at all worry about it.


Thank you so much :weary: :heartpulse: My story is called Prison Break, and the story that I’m being accused of copying is called Framed. I promise that I have never read it and that Prison Break was my own idea. I just hope that other people see that as well :sweat_smile:


OOOh I love framed-
And so many people are accusing people of copying people’s stories and etc. it’s literally ridiculous if I were u I’d block and report that fanmail. We don’t sTAn negativity in 2020!


I’m going back to my teenage years real quick

(I LOVED Divergent during my teen years… Extreme fan. I once counted all the posters relating to the actors or movies, and there were 36…)


i just want to let you know that it’s perfectly fine to feel worried or scared, but don’t let those comments get to your head. the story framed itself was accused of copying many shows about prison breaks, and you know for a fact that you didn’t copy framed. just keep that idea in your mind and work on your story like you mean it, and whatever anyone says won’t matter to you anymore because you know the things that matter and the things that don’t. you can always block fanmails and turn comments off, etc. i’m sure many people will support you and i can’t wait till your story comes out! i will be here for you <3


Yes and also Maze runner( divergent rip that off too)


I’m close to releasing my new story within the next few weeks, and before they’ve even read it, people accused me of copying another story. I’ve only ever read the first 2 episodes (I think?) of the story they meant, but didn’t continue it. It was horrible as a bunch of people who I didn’t know, and haven’t read my stories started arguing about my story- which they hadn’t read!

I won’t go too much into it but I wouldn’t worry. It’s great that you’re so conscious about making sure people know you didn’t copy, there are a few authors in the community who have copied and refused to own up to it. I would just continue your story as normal- only you know what you’re gonna write next! Don’t feel pressured to prove to people that you haven’t copied, even though the story you’ve mentioned has a lot of reads, people making assumptions don’t have access to your thought process! Keep writing! :smiley:


As someone once said. “No thought is original.” If you know that you didn’t copy someone’s work, then keep it pushing and ignore that person. Just look at all the stories, novels, shows, and movies. They all have similar concepts as one another, but is completely different in more ways than one.


This happens to even famous, traditionally published authors. Coincidences happen, and certain ideas permeate public consciousness widely at certain times. Often people accuse someone of ripping off a story, unaware that the one they think is the “original” is also predated by many similar stories. I wouldn’t take it to heart, though I can see how it is annoying.


I think this ultimately gives it (the answer).

You have the same title as a popular tv series and that hasn’t brought you any trouble (and it won’t, titles aren’t copyrighted), so how can a story you never even read bring any?


Happened to me as well, actually, my first fanmail was about it. It’s upsetting, but don’t let it bring you down💖

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I’ve had this too! When I wrote my first story in ink I got a negative fan-mail saying I had copied a popular story at the time called Whiskey or something like that.

The only similarities were that we had a Female MC and were both in Fantasy :laughing:

You have to take things like this with a pinch of salt because let’s be honest, it’s difficult not to have similarities with other people’s stories in one way or another.

They were probably just having a bad day or were trying to be annoying :sweat_smile:


wohoa. Don’t at ALL say divergent is ripped off maze runner or twilight. the similarities between Divergent and TMR are that they are dystopian societies, with a rebellion. In Maze runner, the whole thing is finding a way to escape. While Divergent, the whole thing is fighting off Erudite and some of Dauntless. Twilight, on the other hand, is dealing with a species of vampire. Where Bella basically is adopted into a vampire family that loves her with a bf that loves her. It’s all about romance. Divergent is action, romance, rebellious. Sure, the author of Divergent may just love killing everyone, but that does not mean she copied other books because hell, I can go on with lists and lists of differences.
I’m sorry but in this case. I just cannot agree with you.

divergent is the hunger games without the games.
a dystopian America divided into competitive sections. a teen girl heroine will lead the rebellion against a cruel dictator

and it ripped off maze runner, it’s just a test set up by outside people

also I didn’t say divergent rip of twilight. I said vampire diaries did together with 50 other books

there is nothing wrong with you liking the books or movies, heck evry single book with elves rip off lord of the rings.

they auhtors, may or may not have ripped if the story. maybe they just are a lot a like.

If it’s not an exact copy of Framed then you’re not doing anything wrong.

In fairness at least most things work with some cliche but make something different. There’s this book (irl) called the testing that is literally just a complete copy of the hunger games,divergent and the maze runner all in one. It has like no originality and for that reason I decided that I would be better off just rereading those series than reading the testing (even though I ended up reading it anyway to make sure I wasn’t missing something). Anyway as long as authors add something new to the table then it’s fine. At this stage everything’s been done so just try adding a few unique elements.

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