Acknowledging Sexual Assault In Stories


I am all for addressing sexual assault in Episode, but it has been tried and been done not-so-graceful over the years. I believe there is a way to address it and it shouldn’t be erased or simply not addressed. I understand that Episode is for teens, but many teen girls and boys around the world have experienced this tragedy and have been silent about it. My only warning is not to glorify it like it’s some magical thing. A perfect example of glorification of sexual abuse and rape is most of Noob Loop’s stories. I know Episode readers are younger and some lie about their age, but authors put up warnings and things like that, but there’s really no stopping them. I am not saying you have to, but I don’t want people who have had these traumatic experiences and blame themselves to see ignorant people glorifying something similar to what happen to them.

Edit: There is a story called This Society about a diverse group of friends and it is addressing, but not glorifying sexual assault. I am in the process of reading this story and have tons of realistic issues about not just privileged white teenagers, but characters of different races. I cannot recommend This Society enough.


I’ll be sure to giveThe Society a read. All the points you’ve address are quite true, the glorifying, the age scams, and the warning. The readers who glorifying sexual assault in their stories might not be stopped or might not even acknowledge what they’re doing and the readers as well.


I agree with this. Speak by @J.Miley also addresses sexual assault in a very tasteful and non-glorifying way. It demonstrates the impact it has on one girl’s life and her struggle to move on. It covers so many issues, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and elective mutism. I highly recommend this story, especially to people who have been victims as it does offer hope and a strong message of never giving up.


I dislike when author’s try to use sexual assault in their stories simply to drive the plot or add a twist. Often, it’s not portrayed well or address at all when they do it this way. Using sexual assault as a means to make your story for interesting is very insensitive and disrespectful to those who are victims of sexual assault.


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