Acne/Full Face Freckles

Hi everyone! I was looking for full face freckles and acne and I discovered that they don’t have either when trying to make characters.

Here are some examples:




Now, I understand that some people would probably not want this, but I like to try to make my characters as realistic as possible.

I understand if no one wants to support this, but I think that this is a good idea to make the readers connect better with the characters.


Support! because why not?

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Support !

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There is a thread for acne and this is not the proper way to set out a request.


Ahhhh… ok, then how do I send out a request? Also should I ask @/Sydney_H to close this?

If you want to but they will eventually do it themselves.

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Ok, thank you.

@Sydney_H can you close this please?

Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines. Please review the guidelines and contact @Sydney_H (be sure to link the thread!) to discuss editing and reopening topic. :smiley: