Action and direction question: πŸ‘‡


Hey! If anyone could help me, I am having trouble with directioning. I know how to make a character talk while doing an action, but is it possible to make them do the action without talking? How would that be coded?


Are you meaning you want your character to do it without you adding dialogue or you want the character to do the movement without their lips moving?


You can do
@CHARACTER is animation
For a character to just do an animation.

If you want a character to do an animation while another is talking, you can do

&CHARACTER is animation
YOU (talk_neutral)
This is how you do it!

You can find more details at the guides. Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Without dialogue if thats possible?


Oh okay thankyou so much!!


So you can do:
@CHARACTER is animation
And you don’t need to add a line of dialogue underneath




Did this work? :slight_smile:


Yes! Thankyou.


I’m having trouble editing, I NEED help…!


Maybe I can help, what do you need help with? Its okay because I had a really rough start too!


Changing characters clothes… I’ve tried every example put they don’t work


Do you want to do a dressing game or simply change their outfit by having them walk off screen and then back on?


I have one


Basically you would have the character walk off two the next zone so it would be

@CHARACTER walks to screen center in zone 2
@CHARACTER changes into β€œoutfit name”

The outfit name has to be the exact same name that you under outfits. It will turn the color pink if you are correct

Sorry if the image is a little blurry.


Sorry I wrote it above but didnt direct it to you, also, after they change yoj need to make them walk back to the screen again so it would be
@CHARACTER walks to screen (left, center, or right) in zone 1 or whichever zone you have it set two previously


What is the character name


Closing as it seems the original question has been resolved :slight_smile: