Action directly after a pause

While I’m writing stories, I tend to use a lot of:

&[character] walks to screen center in 0.5
@pause for 0.5 THEN [character] is talk_neutral

It’s useful, because an action followed straight after another won’t work until ~1.5(+) secs. At first, it worked fine and it really helped my directing. But now, when previewing my stories, after they’re supposed to perform the action after the @pause for 0.5 THEN – they just stand idle instead. I’m not sure when this glitch started (it’s been there for a while), and I was kinda hoping it would resolve itself .-.
However, it’s still not working. At first I thought it was because 0.5 is too short, but after some experimenting, even when I use 3 seconds instead, it still does the same thing where the character just stands idle when they’re supposed to be performing an action.
My (hopefully) temporary solution is to add on “(.)009” to the original time period, so for example:

&character walks to screen center in 5
@pause for 5.009 THEN [character] is talk_neutral

&[character] walks to screen center in 0.5
@pause for 0.5009 THEN [character] is talk_neutral

&[character] walks to screen center in 0.05
@pause for 0.05009 THEN [character] is talk_neutral

This only works when previewing on my phone (although it worked on the online previewer once?? im not sure what happened) and I have no idea why it works lol

Moved to Directing Helps and Tips as this sounds like a coding/scripting issue. :wink:

I’m not sure why you think a character won’t do an action immediately after a walking command?

When you do:
@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in 0.5
@CHARACTER is laugh_giggle

the character will do the animation right after they finish walking. You don’t need to use any pauses.

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My bad! I can’t test anything as I don’t have access to my laptop (and my phone is being a jerk), and I assumed that didn’t work because it didn’t before. But thank you for informing me, it’ll be useful!
The reason I like using the pause method is when there’s dialogue, I’m able to pair the actions along too. I’ve gotten used to this method, and now my story’s kinda messed up because I used it a lot at the start whoops

Thank you for your help, anyway!

Thank you! Sorry for placing it under the wrong topic >.<

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