Action help! What reaction is?

So I saw when I was reading other Episodes where the characters reaction is like “Are you kidding me reaction” like :neutral_face: like that face, but I cant find it…does anyone know it?

Can it be talk_exhausted


Hmm how about talk_mindblow

i feel like what you’re talking about is probably the end of another animation. let me look and see if i can find it.


I dont know…

Ok I give up now im curious

Lol :rofl::rofl:

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I think youre right

Ok my finale attempt if not i will just wait and see what was it

How about this one :flushed:


not mine either? @Valeriya.V123

What is that animation?


thats in Limelight? Im using Ink…


this one is almost the same, has slightly more tilt

:neutral_face: lol yes. girl you shoulda said that. lemme check on ink. is that the face that you mean tho or no?

Yes that exact face, and it has no arms or legs movement its only the face :neutral_face: