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Review Policy:

I review the first episode of a story. If your story has less than three episodes, please wait until it’s longer.

I post the review here and on my Instagram page for published reviews only so please be ok with that when requesting a review. My Instagram page is @penspaperanddreams. If you want a shoutout, please include your Instagram.

I don’t evaluate cover art or special art as I feel that’s too subjective.

Genres Accepted: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery and Romance. I have the right to deny any story that I feel I’m unable to give a proper review.

Published: I previously accepted unpublished stories, and I’m now only accepting published stories. I accept limelight, ink, classic and spotlight styles.

Following policy: I follow all authors I review regardless of the score they’re given. My instagram is public, so if you’d like to follow me, you can.

Ratings: I only post public reviews for stories that receive a 8/16 or higher. If it’s lower, I send the review via private message.

2nd Review Request: I only accept second story review requests when posted. Otherwise, stories are only reviewed once.

Story order: I Stories in the order requests are received in the following genre orders (fantasy, action, romance and mystery) I select the oldest request first for each of those categories.

Contest Entries: I will be accepting contest entries in a separate review request category and those will receive priority reading order over non-contest entry stories after the H & V contest ends.


Moved to Share Feedback section as that’s where review threads live! :v:t2:

Thank you!

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I would love to get a review on my new story!

Title: H & V: Shadows of My Past
Author: Zayen Ng
Genre: Action
Style: Ink
Number of Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
Story Description: Running from a secret organization that raised you as an assassin, how long could you hide before your past catches up to you? How far will things have to go before you kill again?
Story Link:
Instagram: @episode.zayen

I would love if you reviewed my story!
Here are my story details!

Title: H & V: Deadly Love
Author Name: Afra S.
Description: Adriana is preparing for her wedding unaware of her past which isn’t as normal as she thinks. After a meeting with her parents she discovers a secret which changes her life forever.
Chapters: 3 chapters (Ongoing)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mystery (You will find it in the Fantasy section)
Style: Ink
Additional details: Includes character customization, LGBT love interests, Your choice matters.
Instagram: @episode_afra
Story Cover:
Story Link:

If you’re looking for action, my story is based on it. :wink:

Title: H & V: Kaleidoscopic
Author: The Turtle Trainer
Genre: Action
Style: Ink
Status: 3 episodes
Description: There are two sides to every story. Heroes and Villains, but what happens when you try to switch sides in the middle of the war?
Please tag me if you’re going to share on Instagram! Thank you! @turtletrainer.episode

Hi, @Penspaperanddreams1!

Thank you very much for creating this thread, this is very kind of you! Constructive criticism is exactly what I am looking for!

I would only ask you to kindly read 4 chapters of my story as it is a contest entry and I don’t want to mess up the reader engagement. Chapter 4 is a bonus one to see the alternative ending, so you can skip through it very quickly.


If you are interested in reading a story with several mini-games and where CHOICES REALLY MATTER then, please, give my story a try. This is my first story ever but I have put a lot of effort in it and would highly appreciate any feedback! I promise, the story will keep you hooked :blush:

My story details:

Name of story: H & V: Fate
Author: Alex Af
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 4 (completed)
Summary of story: Young ambitious journalist hunting down a powerful tycoon who has made a fortune based on lies. But who really is a villain here? Choices matter.
Link to story:

Hi @Alex_Af,

Thanks so much for responding and including your story! It sounds amazing and I’m excited to read it but unfortunately, I can only read the first 3 episodes. I have a waiting list for stories and it wouldn’t be fair to the other authors if I read 4 of your episodes and only 3 of theirs. I hope you understand! Please let me know if you still want me to read and review your story. Thanks!

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Thank you very much for your reply!

As I said, Chapter 4 is a bonus one to see the alternative ending, so you can skip through it very quickly as you can chose the I am done option straight away. You don’t need to review chapter 4!

Would that be ok with you?

Hi! I would be very happy if you read and review my story.
I have published 4 episodes till now so do read all the four and tell me how is it.
Here are my story details
Title: Best friends
Authors name - Hiba Ansari
Style - ink
Genre - Drama
Do give a read. :slight_smile:

Hi @Zayen, Your Review is posted on my Instagram already and is posted below. The episode rubic grades are on instagram. Thank you for submitting your story!

Story Review For @episode.zayen
Story Title: H & V: Shadows of My Past
Category: Action
Style: Ink
Description on Story Card:
Running from a secret organization that raised you as an assassin, how long could you hide before your past catches up to you? How far will things have to go before you kill again?

Story Link:

My General Review: Everything about this story was fantastic! From the well written scripts to the superb directing, this is hands down one of the best stories I’ve seen on episode.

Story: You play as two different characters and it’s up to you to decide who the real hero is and who the real villain is. I appreciate the complexity and mixture of morals and values that’s been hinted at in the first three episodes. I’m especially interested in seeing how the main characters will interact with each other once more is known. I’m invested in both characters equally and the mixture of current and past storylines is highly appealing.

Choices: There aren’t an abundance of choices but the few that do exist make you feel engaged so that wasn’t a problem for me at all. I honestly forgot that there weren’t many choices because I was so engrossed in the story.

Visuals: Impeccable! This is as smooth as an Episode directed story. I also really liked the constant action and attention to detail. Since this is in the action genre, it matched the pace of the story perfectly.

Language: Well written dialogue with no errors. ‘Nuff said.

Overall Score: Perfect 16/16. If you want a story that’s jam packed with action, assassins and flirtation this is definitely your bet. I would highly recommend this story and I really hope that it does well in the contest!

Thank you so much for your review! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it!

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Title: H & V: Deadly Love
Author Name: Ki_Writes
Description: When Ava’s younger sister goes missing, she must work with a group of superheroes to save her.
Chapters: 3 chapters (Ongoing)
Genre: Action
Style: Ink
Instagram: @ki_writesepisode

Hi! I couldn’t open the link to your story. :cry:

Here. I copied the link again and sent it. I hope it works!

Hi! Can I get a link to your story please?

Hi! Your story has been read and a review will be posted on Monday. Thanks for submitting!

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Hi! Your story has been read and your review will be posted on Monday. Thanks for submitting your story!

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Thank you!

Hi Guys!

Just an update, I’m going to posting reviews solely on my Instagram. I will check this thread occasionally for requests, but the best way to ask for a review is to DM me on Instagram @penspaperanddreams.

Thanks and I’m so looking forward to your stories!