Action or mafia stories

Looking for good action or mafia stories.
I read assassins of Blackwood, the doberman, so stories with steamy love attached is a must,

Thank you!

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I have made a mafia story. and a lot of people say its good but there is not any steamy love. there is romance though.

also I have only been told good stuff about my story


Ill give it a read :slight_smile:

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I am writing a mafia series at the moment but have been really scared of turning it into an episode story as there are lots of mafia stories out there already

I wouldn’t even know if it would get read, it’s nice to see someone asking for a story I’m currently writing about

Thank you so much :blush: xx

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I’ll take a read if you dont mind

Mine isn’t Mafia related, but it’s action.

Title - Rapture
Author - Minneha
Genre - Action
Style - INK
Episodes - 3, ongoing
Description - “So I love you, because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. Even if it meant, taking away the person that meant the most to me.”
Instagram - @epi.minneha

Limited CC. 187 reads so far.

If you read a story called Mafia Star (INK)

Let me know what you think, it’s unfinished but being continued by my friend

I lost confidence and stopped writing because of lack of support and started writing my stories as manuscripts, I felt like nobody wanted to read my stories on episode


If people like the ink version I might convert my manuscripts into episode stories for people to read who might not read them on amazon books or print

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I’ll read it

Added to favorites to read

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Thank you so much

You can let me know what you think on here or my IG is mafiastar.episode

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Mine is a mafia story, lead by a woman, who has been falling for a hitman - who was suppose to kill her.
Feel free to check out my story :hugs:
Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama/Action
Chapters: 15
Description: After their father’s death, Rose has to takeover the mafia world. But will she able to run it alone when her sister life is at stake? Or will love gets in the way? Betrayal, Love, Hate, War.
Instagram: xoroses.episode

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Check out “Wherever I go” by @Alisha.Sophie :slightly_smiling_face:

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Name: Smooth Criminals
Style: Limelight
Genre: Comedy \ Romance
Description: Leading a gang of the mafia as a female is already a hard task - it’s even harder when two enchanting men entangle themselves in your reign. How will you maintain your position?
Number of chapters: 6 and ongoing


Feel free to check out mine! It’s called Hidden Behind Lies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks you for trend,
I am currently not up for an read for read but…
I’d like to promote my second story called Complicated: with Bad Boy and Ugly Duckling !!!
If you want another try to read in my first story:
My Story:

Author: Mona K
Story Title: Complicated: with Bad Boy and Ugly Duckling
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy
Description: Cathyln is constantly picked on by her peers. Boys make fun of her and her “friends” make her do errands for them. Revenge her peers, betrayers and what if guy changes or not?
Instagram: @monak.episode

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to contact me or for sneak peeks of the story! :two_hearts:

You can check out mine. I’m sure you’ll like it.
Title: 2 Legends; Ink
Author: Veta Grey
The link:

Short brief: I’ll read yours tonight! Check out mine.
Title: 2 Legends
Author: Veta Grey
Short brief: 2 undercover FBI agents have been working on two different missions, didn’t have any idea about each other’s existence, but somehow their paths have crossed. Now they have to work together?

How about Russian Mafia?
Check out mine. Ruthless Doll by Queen Cath

Story: Customising You [1-3]
Author: Miss_Z
Genre: Drama
Episodes on App: 6
Read Episodes: 3
Description: When two broken souls meet each other. Do they change each other for the better or worse? The real question is are you ready to change?
[Read only up to Episode 3)
Instagram: episode.miss_z :slight_smile:
Story Cover:

Here’s mine if you’d like to read it. It doesn’t really have to do anything with Mafia, but it is Action.

Title : Assassins
Author: inkkee
Genre: Action & some romance
Chapter: 3 ongoing
Description: You’re finally graduating as a full fledged assassin. On top of that you’ll be getting personal training from a special someone… How will your new career take off?