Action stories without romance/mafia recommendations

When I open the action tab in the app, almost every one of the stories there include romance and/or mafia. There are no just pure action stories
… so I wanted to ask you all for recommendations of some action stories that have pure action with no romance (just a little bit is okay) and absolutely no mafia
I prefer stories that aren’t so well known (<75K reads) but it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a good and entertaining story :slight_smile: Feel free to drop your own stories down below

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You can try reading Downfall by @talina.writes

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Daredevil by Ana
Mendacity and Ferocity by Ji

Rouge by Blaise, one of my favorite :blush:

Hello, thank you for the thread! Please let me know what you think of my story :blush:

Author: sharna

Title: The Life of a Vigilante LL
Genre: Action
Episodes: 20 (ongoing)
**Description:**What happens when you find yourself involved with the infamous vigilante?
Love, action, drama, adrenaline, passion.
Are you ready?
Full CC, art scenes, choices.
CC: Yes, full CC.
Style: Limelight
My Instagram: @fsharna3
Story Link: