Adam’s Art Scenes (CLOSED-requests full)

Hi! My name is Adam, and I do art scenes! Now depending on the art scene you request, it may take me 1 hour- 1day to finish (unless I’m out of town or not online). Please include a detailed description with poses, character screenshots, and a background you want. I will only be accepting 3-4 art scenes at a time, so the early bird gets the worm! Here is an example of my art:

If you are requesting from multiple art threads, please do not request here. I do not want to waste my resources if my art will not be used!

Thanks! I hope to get some requests!

PS- That is my first art scene. I am obviously imporovimg on the eyes and mouth…


yay go adam!!

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Lol, thank you Ama.


Damn your art is really good! :heart:


These are really good! Keep up the good work :two_hearts:


This is really good! I wish I can make something like that :sweat_smile:


OMG ADAM :heart_eyes: that’s amazing! Well since you haven’t gotten any art scene requests, I’ll be the first! (Also wait until after I get back from Texas)

I want this character:

Okay firstly, can you change the red part of the shirt to purple, and the black undershirt blue, and make her hair blue and purple ombre, please! :slight_smile:I only want the upper half. I want her like… surprised with a shadow of a man’s torso casted onto her face. (also without the glasses).

AHHH thanks so much, love you! Good luck with the thread!

Thanks! Ok lmk when you get back and I will start lol

Damn Adam. Your Art is… the bomb! I was hoping you could do A cover page for me? Unless your busy. Here are the character details,
Skin: Neutral 01
Brow: Platinum Blonde - Arched Thick Style
Hair: Platinum Blonde - Short Wavy Ombré
Eyes: Blue Aqua - Round Medium
Face Shape: Heart Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Peach Gloss - Full Heart Pouty

Here is what she looks like.
Could you do this background with the girl laying in the bed?
And the title above her ( The Dream Factor )
And my name below her ( Clarkiiie )
Thank You! If you can’t just ignore…

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So, I would like the girl character slouched up against the door frame crying/sad face, while she has a big coat over her head. And I would like the boy character to be mad while his body is positioned like he opened the door . Kinda like he looking over her shoulder. Also, I would like it to be raining outside

My character details are: GIRL:
Skin: Copper 09
Eyebrows: Arched thin (Black Dark)
Hair: Long High Ponytail (Black Dark)
Eyes: Round downturned wide ( Brown Dark)
Face: Heart soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Red deep gloss)
Skin: Copper 09
Eyebrows: Round This (Black Dark)
Hair: Short Curly Fade (Black Dark)
Eyes: Deepest Downturned (Brown Dark)
Face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Thin Heart (Brown Neutral)

GIRL: Diamond Cluster Earcuff Earring Metal Diamondwhite, Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex Grey Black, Striped Swoopneck Cotton Red Cherry, Thick Heel Flat Sports Sneakers Velvet Wine Red

BOY: Baggy Sport Sweatspocketliner Cotton Red Cherry, Studded Metal Rimmed Earring Metal Grey Black, Muscle Shirt Short Sleeves Swoopneck Neutral Black, Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black


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Your request has been accepted! I am going to be off for a few days for personal reasons, but I will start as soon as I can!

Your request has also been accepted! I am going to be off for a few days for personal reasons, but I will start as soon as I can!

That totally fine! That You so much! :heart::joy::upside_down_face:

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Ok. Thank you though :blush:

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well I will need details…

I love how the outfit matches the background :heart_eyes:


Okay I am back! I will be starting on requests in about an hour! Starting with @MaliyahArtsy

@maliyahartsy has pulled her request, so now @Clarkiiie is up! I will start your request!

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EVERYONE (@Clarkiiie, @bossyroxy411, and @Mya1357

Somethings just came up so I can not do the requests… :(( I am sorry…

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