Add Activity Button To The Forums!


I believe we should have a active button. Something like where you can pick if you want it to be
On Break
Forum accounts that are Un-Active for over 2 months shall get removed.
This is for people to know if their PM’s will get to that person. Or to know to tag them at the moment. So they don’t feel ghosted.
What do you think?


Support sis.

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Support :+1:

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Just to confirm. When you go here you do not see the stats in the above image? If you do, all you have to do is look at the “Seen” stats and that is where the forums shows you the last time the person was signed in.


I know that part. It’s different.

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It sure is but until we can implement your request the best thing to do is check the users “Seen” date and that will give you an indication as to why the user hasn’t replied to you or completed your request. :slight_smile:


Does the Seen date tell if somebody was inactive but still logged in? Say I went AFK, but I didn’t log out. Would it still say just now?


I am pretty certain that the Seen date is updated based on your activity. If you go idle but still stay logged in it will still affect your seen date. But to combat that you can also check out the users Last Post to see when they last posted anything :nerd_face:


Oh. Thank you for clarifying that!!


Support! Xx

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I think this is already a request somewhere?

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I saw a post about that earlier, it mentioned having it as a “sleep mode”. It is linked below!

archived #13