Add choice into another choice

Hey guys! I want to add a choice into another choice but it gives me an error :confused:

Is it possible to add or not? And if it is how am I supposed to do it?

Yes it’s possible.

You just need to have 2 of these: { in each choice

Your error says your problem is on line 542, it doesn’t have a matching }

So you probably have a closing } for the first choice in line 512 right? So you need another one of those } for the one on line 542. Put it after the dialog that’s after the “yes” choice.

I’m bad at explaining but I hope it solves it. It’s hard to say if that’s exactly the problem, because we can’t see the whole code of the choices.

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I do have a closing bracket tho

Ohh then it’s probably something else within some brackets maybe? I had the same error once and it turned out to be something inside the choice. But I don’t see anything wrong with yours.

I don’t think I can help sorry :confused:

You need a } on line 541

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