Add more to mobile



I’m confused on why mobile doesn’t have the animations that the computer has and fix the character twitch when you turn them around, stop sleeping on mobile please, peace out.


I’m sure it probably takes a lot of time to change things over and convert it to mobile. However, I’m just confused as to why they even bothered putting the mobile creation feature if you can’t even upload yet. You can make a decent story with mobile. I already have one episode done on mobile with over 500 beats. It really has potential to make good stories on it, not advanced ones, but enough. Sucks they only went so far with it :confused: but I’m sure we’ll see lots of updates in the future.


I completely agree, @Mmmi


I do like the mobile creation, but I do think it will take time, as Episode is constantly updating Limelight and creating new stories! If we be patient it’ll come sooner than we think! :sunglasses: