Add One Sentence Game

This is an inspirational thread. If you choose to use these short stories as inspiration, please do not use the exact wording, as some are not your own words.

The title is basically self-explanatory. Like on the adding then eliminating threads, we’ll do 12 sentences, written in paragraph form. Make sure to add a number. Afterwards, we’ll take the last sentence and start a new story, using the last sentence as the first one. (I hope this makes sense!)

1st sentence:

I gaze out over the crystal, turquoise ocean.



The tears from my eyes fell, and I smiled weakly, taking in fresh air.


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It was fresh and calming, almost therapeutic, and a good distraction from my real life. (3/12)

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I wanted to jump in and swim away


I want to let all the worries and regrets to float away from me.


I feel something tingle in my body then a sharpened pain, I went as I hold my chest.

I gasped for air as the color from my face drained.


I jumped in the water, and the pain slowly decreased


And I froze to death, because it was literally night.


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Before I perished, I heard a sharp wail similar to that of a young child.


And with that scream, I knew I was about to be dragged into Hell. And I was suddenly afraid to die.


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but my time had not yet come, I had to fight… fight for life.



My mother was a gangster, and my father didn’t want me.


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I would wander around, reminiscing my miserable and lonely past.


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I always thought my background meant I wasn’t meant for the type of love I read about in fairy tales.


That is, until I met him.


The man of my dreams

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The most wonderful person I’ve ever met who has somehow managed to find his way into my stone cold heart.


That was what i thought…until he cheated on me…