Adding a link to a post - help

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I am very new to this…
When commenting on posts such as this one, I am not able to add a link to my story as a pop up tells me that I am unable to add links.
How do I go about this?
Wanting to post the link on R4R etc, and get the story out there but really unsure where to start…


Uhh, you should be able to add links? Like I can add the download link for “GIMP” (a photo editing software)

It might be a trust level thing, try to read some posts and maybe like some to get a higher trust level. I don’t really know, but that might be it.


If you want to add link to a post like this​:thinking::point_down:t2:

You just have to Google about the topic and long press the title or select the title and then some options appears to you have to select copy link address. And after copying you just have to copy that link from clipboard to your reply.
Maybe this is helpful :innocent: Let me know if it is :thinking:


Yeah right! I am also new here and also add link like this. May be this method helps you out

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Thanks everyone, got there in the end haha! Appreciate it !!


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