Adding a mirror character

I am 7 chapters in to Queen of Hearts and have decided I want my MC to interact with a mirror.

If I add a character to my customization in Episode 1 to be used as a mirror reflection, will my mirror/2nd character update for readers who have already read past Episode 1 and gone through the customization? Or will I need to add an updated customization to a later chapter?

thanks :candy:

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You don’t need to add a character to the customization template. All you need to do is use this command: @DUPLICATE CHARACTER becomes MAIN CHARACTER

With that code, the twin/mirrored character will look exactly like whichever character they “become” basically becoming an exact copy of them.


Where’s the best place to put this command?

You can use it at the beginning of your mirror scene.

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thank you, directing queen :crown:

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Will the duplicate automatically disappear? Otherwise, wouldn’t you have two characters playing as the main character?

Forgive me if it is a dumb question…

The duplicate is a separate character that just looks exactly like the main character.

I’m not really sure what you mean by this?

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Ah, I believe I mistook what you said :sweat_smile:
I thought you meant that the duplicate would BECOME the MC, sharing the same code name and everything.


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