Adding a second overlay? It's not showing up and isn't registering

I’m having trouble with adding another overlay. I’ve created one overlay, and it works well. When I add the second overlay, it isn’t registering. here’s the code:

@overlay EARTHBALL create
@overlay EARTHBALL opacity 1
@overlay EARTHBALL shifts to 159 -133
@overlay EARTHBALL scales to 1.519 1.519
@SKYLAR is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@overlay EARTHBALL shifts to 148 250
@SKYLAR is slapface_give_angry
@zoom on 265 367 to 465% in 0

[Dialogue here]

@overlay AVATARSTATE create
@overlay AVATARSTATE opacity 1
@overlay AVATARSTATE shifts to 148 250
@overlay AVATARSTATE scales to 1.519 1.519
@SKYLAR is react_angry_shakefists

The overlay “EARTHBALL” works great. I’m just having trouble with “AVATARSTATE”. When I click “change overlay” in the app, it doesn’t change. Thanks!

Hi. I’m not sure that’s it but did you try to layer the overlays? It’s just that they’re on the same spot with the same size…

About not switching overlays on the webpreviewer I’d submit a ticket if the name doesn’t change on the description bellow the preview because that’s strange :thinking:

This glitch sometimes happens to me if I spell the overlay wrong, or any of the coding wrong. It seems like all of your coding is correct, so you may need to go into the art catalog and look what you have called the overlay to make sure it is correct. For me, it never comes up as a script error either so you have no way of knowing you have typed it in wrong until you check it.

That’s horrible :scream::scream::scream:
I go crazy whenever I’ve an error that I don’t why it’s an error…

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Why don’t you place overlay together with background and turn opacity to 0 before cutting to zone and transition in?
When you need it to appear, you just turn opacity back on to 1.

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try to refresh the page - it looks like some bug.

It confuses me too!

I always go to the Art Catalog before using the overlay to prevent that.
But on my portal if something is misspelled, it gives me a warning on that line and a note on the left side thankfully :sweat_smile:

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Ahhh, maybe it is just mine that gives the error.

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I appreciate but we should ask @RoseF if she could solve her issue with our suggestions :sweat_smile:

I said that it’s horrible when an error appears and you don’t know how to solve because the portal says nothing besides pointing it out as an error :disappointed_relieved:

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I replied to the wrong person!

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No worries :joy:

@RoseF Maybe you can try to put the overlays next to the background, and then change the opacity to 1 when you need to use them. For example:

INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with EARTHBALL to 1.519 159 -133 with AVATARSTATE to 1.519 148 250
@overlay EARTHBALL opacity 0
@overlay AVATARSTATE opacity 0

The scene goes here.

@overlay EARTHBALL opacity 1
[Dialogue goes here]
@overlay EARTHBALL opacity 1

Sorry, I have corrected it now. I can’t believe I didn’t look at who I was replying to :joy:
I am currently writing too, it is my own fault for trying to concentrate on two things at the same time.

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I know that feeling, me on my everyday life :sweat_smile:

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