Adding Accents to Words


I’m writing a story where my MC is Hispanic. In Spanish Mama is spelled Mamá with an accent. When I try to type that on Episode it first marks it as a spelling error, but then when I save my story it changes Mamá to Mam. Am I doing something wrong or can I just not use accents.


You can’t use them unfortunately. I’m having the same issue with my Latinx character


Oh ok thank you!


I had the same type of problem with my Irish characters speaking Gaelic - the special characters don’t work in the script. It’s a bit annoying, but I suppose the only way of getting through is just writing it without the special letters.

For example, I’ll just turn Máthair to Mathair.


That sucks. Accent are sexy, even in spelling. :expressionless:
I tried doing that for my Brazilian character. It didn’t work.


Same issue with my Scottish Gaelic lol. And Tir na nOg doesn’t be look as cool as Tír na nÓg.


Closing as the original question was answered :slight_smile: